Mechanical Engineering Senior Capstone Project - Solar Assisted Desiccant Evaporative Cooling System


The UAE is located in the dry climate region, which is known for its high temperatures due to the high level of sunshine and the length of the day in comparison with the night. Due to these climatic conditions, the demand for air conditioning, to maintain acceptable levels of thermal comfort, ventilation and Indoor Air Quality is very high.

Due to the high costs that come along with traditional HVAC systems, providing and maintaining a comfortable work environment in industrial spaces is very challenging, with many establishments choosing not to provide any sort of cooling for their workshops.


The goals of this project are to explore alternative methods to air condition industrial facilities in Dubai. The core objective is to propose an efficient, cost effective solution to improve Indoor Air Quality within these facilities. The core requirements are identified, met and validated by conducting a feasibility study, detailed design, analysis and experimentation. The expected end results is a functional prototype that can be manufactured to meet the economic and climatic constraints of Dubai. The final design and prototype should grant the end user a competitive edge in the market by reducing overall energy costs and improving overall employee productivity.

Proposed solution

Desiccant enhanced evaporative cooling systems provide an energy efficient and environment friendly alternative to traditional vapor compression systems for Dubai’s growing industry sector. One of the main advantages of a desiccant enhanced evaporative cooling system over traditional vapor compression systems is the fact that the refrigerant used is water. Using water as a refrigerant instead of the conventional CFC and HCFC based refrigerants adds an environmental advantage to desiccant cooling systems. SADEC utilizes solar technology, instead of a conventional electric heater, to regenerate the desiccant in the system. Considering the potential increase in employee productivity, energy savings and environmental impact, the incentive for sustainable energy efficient air conditioning in the sector is high.


Team Members

Ahmed Warsame (BS Mechanical Engineering)

Izzat Al Jubr (BS Mechanical Engineering)

Syed Siddique (BS Mechanical Engineering)