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Solid Mechanics Lab

Solid Mechanics Lab

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Solid Mechanics Lab

The Solid Mechanics Lab at RIT – Dubai is a well-equipped laboratory for mechanical testing of materials with various experimental facilities. The main objective of the laboratory is to provide students with hands-on experience in structural testing and material property characterization. The lab supports various undergraduate and graduate courses in the mechanical engineering program.  

The lab includes experiments that serve in a wide range of graduate and undergraduate courses, such as MECE 204 Strength of Materials Lab, MECE 306: Materials Science Lab, MECE 350: Strength II, MECE 644/544: Intro to Composite Materials.

The Solid Mechanics Lab is supporting undergraduate students in their course work, as well as utilized to support graduate students working on their masters projects and/or theses.

Torsion Tester

A torsion tester for the identification of torques and angle of twists in torsional shafts.

Testing Machine

An industry-standard servo-motor-driven universal testing machine with 100 kN capacity. The machine has several fixtures and grips allowing it to perform tension, compression, and 3-point bending tests of structures with various sizes and dimensions.

Beam Bending Setup

A beam bending setup allows for the measurement of transverse deflections and reaction forces at various points along the length of beams.