The RIT’s First Inter-Campus Trading Competition is an initiative by the Finance Clubs at RIT Dubai that aims to raise awareness about investment in the stock market and financial literacy among RIT students in all majors combined. The tournament is open to students from our campus here in Dubai but also from the main campus in Rochester New York and Croatia. The leadership team of the Dubai Finance club i.e., Supreeta Olivera and Parth Joshi, both Finance students in their sophomore year, reached out to the Financial management Club in Rochester and the Investment club in Croatia and invited them to participate in this first of its kind inter-campus challenge. We are happy to report that after multiple Zoom meetings both with Rochester and Croatia students, all teams are ready, and the challenge is set to start in October.
The game uses the Stock Trak real-time trading platform that allows teams to invest and manage a virtual portfolio. Teams of 2-4 students each will be given virtual money of a million dollars to be invested in different classes of securities like stocks, bonds, options, futures cryptos, and even Forex. The team with the highest performance, most diversified portfolio, and most active trades have a higher chance of winning the competition.

Stock Trak is an engaging virtual trading platform that allows the participants to have complete control over their portfolios within the constraints set by the administrator of the competition. RIT Dubai’s Finance Club, under the guidance of Dr. Mejda Bahlous-Boldi is going to administer the event, with the competition invitation extended to the Financial Management Club from RIT NY and the Investments Club from RIT Croatia and business and engineering students of the Dubai campus.

Starting on the 20th of October 2021, the contest will last for six weeks. As not all participants will have experience and knowledge about investing, information sessions will be held throughout the competition, especially one to kick off the competition on the 19th of October. We will also hold more events such as these information sessions to promote the competition, its rules and the basics of finance. It would also ensure that everyone has the knowledge and would create fair competition among teams.

Register here to participate in the competition.