Housing Application



Summer Housing Deadline: May 15th
Dubai Silicon Oasis Student Housing Form Fall Deadline: July 15th
If the complete Housing Form is submitted after the deadline, there is a 500.00aed charge.


If double, please request a roommate (and ask that they request for you as well on their form)

You can mention maximum 5 friends, (first and last name) please use comma ',' to separate the information. (Please list in order of preference, 1st student listed is more preferred roommate.)

If you require Student Affairs to assist with assigning you a roommate, please share the below information. Please be honest when answering all of the questions to better assist Student Affairs with finding you a compatible roommate.

There is a no smoking policy in the Dubai Silicon Oasis Student Housing, therefore students will not be allowed to smoke in the student housing premises. This question is asked to allow students who have allergies or prefer not to smell smoke from clothing in their dorm rooms the chance to request for a nonsmoker.

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