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Thermo Fluids Lab

Thermo Fluids Lab

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Thermo Fluids Lab

The Thermo-fluids Lab at RIT – Dubai houses different apparatuses and experimental setups related to various disciplines of thermodynamics and fluid mechanics. The lab provides students with hands-on experiences in thermo-fluids and the ability to test and study thermal and aero/hydrodynamics devices and machines.

The lab includes experiments that serve in a wide range of graduate and undergraduate courses, such as MECE 110 Thermodynamics, MECE 210 Fluid Mechanics, MECE 211 Engineering Measurements Lab, MECE 310 Heat Transfer, MECE 402 Turbomachinery, MECE 409 Aerodynamics, MECE 689 Air Conditioning in Hot Humid Environments.

Besides supporting undergraduate students in their course work, the laboratory is also utilized to support graduate students working on their masters projects and/or theses in the Thermodynamics / Fluid Mechanics / Renewable Energy centration area.

Subsonic Wind Tunnel

A subsonic wind tunnel with a 30 x 30 cm cross-section, which enables aerodynamic experiments for different bodies such as aerofoils and wings.

Flowmeters Apparatus

Flowmeters apparatus including Venturi, Orifice, and rotameter, allow students to observe the application of Bernoulli’s principle in pipes with various cross-sections.

Friction and Eddy Losses in Pipes

Friction and eddy losses in pipes apparatus used to observe and test the fluid flow energy losses across different pipe geometries, fittings and roughness.

Heat Conduction Apparatus

Heat Conduction apparatus with a changeable middle section for thermal conductivity testing.

Heat Convection Apparatus

Heat Convection apparatus with different heat source geometries. The apparatus supports free and forced convection experiments.

Centrifugal Pumps Test Rig

Centrifugal pumps test rig to measure the performance of single pump as well as pumps connection in series and parallel.

Diesel and Gasoline Engine

Diesel and gasoline Engines test rig with a maximum speed of 7000 rev/min.

Gasoline Engine

Gasoline Engine Demonstration Device aids in a physical and visual demonstration of the gasoline engine mechanism.

Hydraulic Bench

Hydraulic Bench used to supply water at a constant rate and pressure for the experiments.