1st Year Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Train Project


Team 1 

Project Definitions and summary:

Our aim was to build a train which would travel 1-meter distance in 60 seconds using the materials given to us. We faced some challenges regarding building the train and how much the weight should be, as well as programming the pie; we had to program it in a way that it would travel 1-meter distance and stop in two stations. . Finally, our train was complete and the programming was finalized after a lot of testing phases.

Team members:

Karam Al-Assaf, Farnaz Abdolmaliki, Aminata kitea, Basel Yacoub, Mahmood Mahmood, Muhannad Ewaiwi, and Mukhair Rehman


"In the processes of completing the train, we learned valuable teamwork lessons, as well as how to handle tough situations. I had the pleasure to work with wonderful team members and professors to open up our perspective in our engineering course."

Karam Al-Assaf

Team 2 

This was our first university project we have ever done, and hopefully not the last. Frankly, the most challenging task throughout the project was the coordination and team work which showed the need to develop good leadership skills for future projects. We got inspired by the Dubai Metro’s sleek design that is both aesthetically pleasing to the eye and also functionally efficient as it reduces drag to maintain a constant velocity through the journey.

The EDT course was a great experience where I obtained my first training on tackling engineering problems starting from proposing a solution, designing a system, executing and testing a product. The resources provided during the course were excellent and the faculty members were great. 

Team Members:
Ali Majed, Omar Elakhdar, Amro Noueihed, Judy Akbik, Najeh Albustami

“This has opened our minds to the vast capabilities of the mechanical engineering field.”
- Omar Elakhdar