Scholarships and Financial AID

RIT Dubai offers scholarships as a percentage discount on eligible tuition fees to academically outstanding new and returning students in all programs. New students can apply for scholarship at the time they submit an application for admission. Returning students can apply for scholarship at the end of their current academic year. The scholarships are valid for one academic year for bachelors’ students and for one semester for masters’ students, which are then revaluated based on student’s academic performance. The goals and objectives of the scholarship and financial aid are to:

  • attract students with outstanding academic achievements through a merit-based scholarship incentive 
  • support student success and promote academic excellence throughout the student’s course of study by extending scholarship to returning students
  • provide an opportunity to qualified students with financial constraints to fulfill their ambition of joining RIT-Dubai through a financial aid incentive

The scholarship committee uses the students’ achievements in secondary education and their performance on standardized tests to assess the scholarship for new BS students. The scholarship for new MS students is assessed using the student’s undergraduate GPA and relevant industry achievements and contributions. Students may also opt to include their scores in standardized tests such as GMAT for scholarship evaluation, even if the program they are applying to doesn’t require them.

The scholarship for returning students is assessed based on the student’s cumulative GPA and any demonstrated leadership role in an extracurricular activity or a competition that has resulted in a significant impact on the UAE or the global scene and produced a positive promotion of RIT Dubai and its programs.

Financial Aid – In addition to the merit-based scholarship, RIT Dubai offers financial aid to students whose family income falls below a threshold according to RIT Dubai polices and allocable budget to financial aid each year. 

Sibling Discount – A student whose sibling is concurrently enrolled at RIT Dubai will receive 10% discount on eligible tuition fees. The discount is added to the merit-based scholarship (if applicable). The discount is evaluated for applicability on a term-by-term basis.

Our scholarships are competitive and require students to maintain excellent academic achievements. Conditions and terms apply. For details and application, please contact the Admissions Office at or +971 4 371 2000.