The United Arab Emirates Engineering Deans Council (UAE-EDC)

RIT Dubai is a member of the United Arab Emirates Engineering Deans Council

The United Arab Emirates Engineering Deans Council (UAE-EDC) was formally established in October 2012 with a mission to promote the advancement of engineering education and research ecosystems in the UAE, and to serve the UAE community at large in the areas of engineering and technology.  In the context of its name and mission, the council also includes information technology and computer science.

The UAE-EDC has sixteen members comprising of institutions in the nation that grant at least a relevant bachelors or masters degree.  Its goals are to provide members with a forum for sharing information, forge partnerships, advocate academic and accreditation standards, facilitate networking with external partners and stakeholders, and maintain links and seek continuous engagement with international education and research bodies.

The UAE-EDC is initiating an ambitious agenda of nation-wide initiatives related to education and research.  Projects such as a nation-wide graduate collaborative are being developed.  2013-14 was the first year of the formal operation of the UAE-EDC.

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Left to Right: Ghalib Kahwaji, RIT-D (host); Lee Blank, AUS (Vice-Chair); Mohamed Sassi, MI; Mohamed Salem, UOWD; Sunil Kumar, NYUAD (Chair); Mohamed Anwar, AGU (representing Edriss Ahmed Ali); Osama Mohamed, ADU (representing Dr. Aly Nazmy); Dr. Mohammed Chacha, AHU; Alaa Ashmawy, AUD; Fahar Hayati, AUST; Youssef Abdel-Magid, PI; May 15, 2014, at RIT-D


Left to Right: Hany El Kadi, AUS (representing Lee Blank, Vice-Chair); Ghalib Kahwaji, RIT-D; Tawfiq Jaber, AHU (representing Mohammed Chacha); Fahar Hayaty, AUST; Sunil Kumar, NYUAD (Chair); Bayan Sherif, KUSTAR; Aly Nazmy, ADU; Mohamed Sassi, MI; Alaa Ashmawy, AUD; Amr El-Dieb, UAEU (host) Boumediene Belkhouche, UAEU (host); Youssef Abdel-Magid, PI; Mohamed Anwar, AGU (representing Edriss Ali); Sabah Alkass, UoS; February 27, 2014, at UAEU