Finest Facilities

RIT's students have unmatched opportunities for hands-on learning, utilizing some of the most sophisticated classroom, laboratory, and studio equipment available anywhere.

There's no question that we have one of the most sophisticated, high-tech campuses in the world, and we stay ahead of the curve by continually upgrading our campus infrastructure. Our network is accessible in classrooms, labs, residence halls, apartments, and many common areas around campus, with newer Gigabit Ethernet installations also in the mix. Wireless access is available in all academic areas and most public areas across campus. With multiple-connectivity ISPs, access to the Internet2® research network, a university-owned and -operated Dense Wave Division multiplexing network, and an 8-million-foot fiber-optic backbone, we provide free, direct, high-speed computing access that is hard to beat anywhere. In fact, The Princeton Review consistently ranks RIT among the most connected campuses in the country.

libraryWallace Library is the campus hub for research and information exchange, housing traditional and digital research materials. Individual carrels, Web-based workstations, and small-group rooms provide more than 1,000 study spaces. Wireless access to electronic databases and the library's complete online catalog lets you roam the stacks with your laptop at hand, researching as you go. After-hours rooms are open 24 hours a day. The Association of College and Research Libraries honored Wallace Library in 2006 with its Excellence in Academic Libraries Award.

A welcoming environment
campus_outdoorYou may be aware of RIT’s reputation for state-of-the art academic facilities, but you might be surprised by the number of welcoming spaces on campus. You’ll find vibrant locations for social and intellectual activity just about everywhere you look. RIT has invested more than $300 million to renovate and construct academic and student life facilities over the past few years to accomplish a remarkable transformation.

The physical beauty of the campus comes from an interplay of natural and park-like settings with modern buildings, architectural features, and artwork prominently on display. Outdoor spaces in the heart of campus, such as our Eastman Kodak Quad, feature gardens, benches, sculptures, reflecting pools, accent lighting, and open areas for academic and social events.

sentinelThe Sentinel—a 73-foot-high, steel and bronze work of art created by renowned sculptor Albert Paley—is a campus focal point that symbolizes RIT’s blending of art and technology. It is the largest sculpture found on any college campus across the United States.

Comfortable spaces throughout campus such as the Bates Study Center in the College of Science, Erdle Commons in the Gleason College of Engineering, Ben & Jerry’s in the Student Alumni Union, and Java Wally’s coffeehouse offer places to relax or work on projects and team assignments.

In short, you’ll find outstanding academic and community facilities in every area of campus, and our commitment to student success ensures that these facilities are accessible when you need them.

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