Undecided Students

It's natural to be uncertain of your future. Like many prospective college students, you may have several different personal interests and career aspirations right now.
Perhaps you see yourself as a lawyer, an electrical engineer, a CPA, a psychologist, a chemist, or an entrepreneur running a web-based business.

From arts and sciences to business and technology, RIT's academic programs can prepare you for all of these possibilities and more. The RIT University Studies program provides the time and the support you need to find the right degree program. There are also exploration programs within most of the colleges (for example, Undeclared Business or Engineering Exploration). These majors allow students to explore the options for up to one full year before declaring a major.
Attending RIT may be one of the best choices you can make if you have not decided on your career. You can explore, investigate, and sample academic programs and career paths before making a final decision on your major. As soon as you enter RIT University Studies or an exploration program in one of RIT's Colleges, you'll be assigned a faculty adviser who will help you identify a suitable program of study, select courses, and provide encouragement and guidance throughout the process.