Apply & Manage Application

We have several application options available.  Whichever method you choose to apply, we invite you to create a myRIT account to organize your application. MyRIT also allows you to track the status of your application credentials, receive your admission decision, and more.


Ways to Apply

  1. Web Application Options (preferred method)
    • RIT Online Application: You may apply online with the myRIT portal. We have designed an online application environment that is easy to use and continue if you can't finish everything in one session.With myRIT you can determine what application credentials (transcripts, SAT scores, etc.) have been received or are still required in "real time", access application forms, update your your admissions information, and stay up to date on campus news and events.
      Apply using the RIT Online Application.
    • Common Application: You may apply online using the Common Application. The Common Application is also easy to use and a convenient way to organize your application. You can still participate in the myRIT portal community to learn more about what we offer. 
      Apply using the Common Application.
  2. Paper Application Option