Are you cut out to be the next Mr. RIT?

Aidan Sullivan on Saturday, 01 December 2018.

Are you cut out to be the next Mr. RIT?

One of my favorite events I’ve participated in during my time at RIT was being a part of Mr. RIT. The fundraiser will take place on December 7th this year, and is run by Delta Phi Epsilon. It benefits the Rochester Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, which is rated a 4 star charitable organization on Charity Navigator. This Foundation is committed to researching and developing treatment plans for this disease, with the end goal of finding a cure.


Cystic fibrosis is a genetic lung disease which causes the lungs to secrete thick mucus in large quantities into the airways. This makes patients affected by the disease prone to infections, which frequently causes them to be hospitalized. Unfortunately, the life expectancy for those afflicted with this illness is diminished. This is why DPhiE has raised $1 million dollars nationally to support the  Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, which in turn supports 115 care centers throughout the country.

So now that you’ve heard about the cause, how do you support it? Attend! Or better yet, you can become a contestant in next years performance. Unfortunately this years sign ups have passed, and our candidates have begun prepping for the competition! Contestants are responsible for working with a sister of DPhiE to coordinate an individual fundraising event, which goes towards the total end donation towards the CFF. When I did it, I organized a hot cocoa and tea sale on the quarter mile on a cold day, and managed to net about $100 towards my total donation. I called family and friends, and had them donate to my page on the CFF website. The contestant who raises the most money is awarded Mr. Congeniality (one of 3 awards for the actual event).

On top of fundraising, you’re also learning to dance. Yup, dance.  The first part is a dance troupe, choreographed by a sister. It was a ton of fun, and don’t worry, if everyone is bad at dancing, then nobody looks bad! The second component is an interview with a panel of judges (RIT faculty) who score individual contestants. Lastly, after dancing and fundraising, there is a talent show component.


Last year, people did everything from piano solos, to comedy, to dancing, to drumming. People spend quite a bit of time preparing their performances, so it’s pretty good competition. At the end of it all, the judges and the crowd decide on three different awards. Fan Favorite is base on a crowd vote, Mr. Congeniality goes to the contestant who raised the most money, and the Judges pick Mr. RIT.

Overall, this is an excellent way have some laughs and to support a good cause. Come out on December 7th to cheer for the contestants!