Campus Jobs

Ryan Roy on Sunday, 10 March 2019. Posted in Visiting RIT, Advising & Support, Dining, Student Life

During the college search, I’ve noticed that many students want to know what kind of job opportunities there are on campus. The job search can be a little daunting but don’t worry! I’ve got a few tips to help you find a great job on campus.


What can you do before you even get to campus? Start researching on the RIT Handshake portal to see what kind of establishments are on campus: coffee shops, dining locations, campus retail shops, the undergraduate admissions office, the post office, the library, and even offices that are connected to your plan of study. Once you’ve done this, use the contact information or instructions in the job listing in order to apply for a position.


Next, you could do a few different things. If the position listing instructs you to contact a specific person, you could move on and ask them about the application process. Some offices or shops might prefer you to apply online through Handshake, while others might prefer you to apply in person or through email. If you’re applying for an office job, make sure that you have everything they want to potentially see, like a cover letter, a resume, and your availability. Keep in mind that if you’re applying in person, you should dress appropriately for the job you want. If you want a job for work study, just ask the supervisor or manager if this job will count towards that. Most of the jobs on campus should qualify for this. 


After you have an interview and you are hired, you will need to get a Student Employment Card. This can be attained by bringing proof of employment (the person who hired you will give you this), and two forms of ID (generally a driver’s license or a passport, and a social security card or birth certificate will work just fine) to the Student Employment Office in the University Services Center.


Now that you’ve gotten your Student Employment Card, bring it to your employer when you go to work for your first shift. They will photocopy your card and should hand it right back to you. Now all you have to do is go back to the Student Employment Office at the beginning of every semester to renew your student employment card!


Working on campus is a great way to earn money, since your employers are typically very understanding about your busy schedule and are often able to be flexible with hours. It also helps you structure your days, since keeping busy is often the best way to keep yourself disciplined and motivated. Best of luck with your future job search!