Choosing a Roommate

Stevie West on Friday, 06 April 2018. Posted in Residence Life

Hey everyone, this week I wanted to talk about selecting a roommate at RIT! Whether you’re an incoming student or someone interested in coming to RIT in the future, selecting the right roommate can be very important for your first year at RIT. Here are a few ways in which our students usually find roommates:


  • RIT’s social media: The Loop

RIT has their own social media website called “The Loop”, where accepted students can find other current and incoming students in their college and major, as well as students with similar interests. The messaging system makes it easy to start conversations with these people, and it is a great resource for finding a roommate!


  • Accepted Students Facebook Page

Every year, when students start getting accepted, RIT’s Undergraduate Admissions Office creates a Facebook group for these students. There, you can post about who you are, mention that you’re looking for a roommate, and interact with students in your major or with similar interests. This is where I found my roommate and some of my closest friends!


  • Housing Survey

If social media isn’t really your thing, you can fill out a form on your housing application that will help you find a roommate. You can enter your preferences for heating, lighting, cleanliness, noise, bedtime, etc, and RIT will provide you with a list of other incoming students that had similar answers.


  • Go Random!

If you don’t want to do anything above, it is possible to go completely random! When it comes time to select a room, you can put yourself in with someone, or wait for someone to join you.


Goodluck on the roommate hunt!