Dinner Dates and My Favorite Coffee in Rochester

Aidan Sullivan on Tuesday, 18 September 2018. Posted in Rochester & Monroe County

Dates, Dinners, and my favorite coffee in Rochester

If you’re new to Rochester, there are plenty of spots to go check out in the surrounding areas! Here is a list of my favorite places to hang out, get away from campus for a bit, or go out for lunch and dinner.

Some of my favorite restaurants for dinner dates or going out with friends are found on Monroe or Park Avenue, about 15 minutes from campus. They are ranked in order of most expensive to least expensive.

1. Texas de Brazil

  • All you can eat Brazilian BBQ featuring about a dozen kinds of meat and an over-the-top "salad" bar, often offering discounts or coupons online. Pretty expensive but great for special occasions

2. Osaka Sushi

  • All you can eat sushi, expensive but very fun if you want to treat yourself or go out with a group. It's about 10 minutes from campus. 
  • Side note, all you can eat is about $10 if you go for lunch! 

3. Owl House

  • Not extremely pricey, but excellent healthy options, as well as ample vegan/vegetarian dining. Probably my favorite piece of steak I've had in Rochester.


4. Brown Hound Brunch

  • Located in the memorial art gallery, pricey but good for a treat on a slow Sunday morning.

5. Genesee Brew House

  • Iconic brewery and restaurant in Rochester overlooking High Falls. Excellent burgers, accompanied brews from the oldest brewery in NY if you are of age.


6. Village Gate Square

Variety of restaurants all next to each other with nice outdoor seating.

  • The Gatehouse Restaurant, not too expensive with a good variety of Italian-American blended foods.IMG_0659.jpg
  • California Rollin’, good sushi, pick and choose certain options.  
  • Get Caked, walk next door for deserts!

7. Red Fern

  • Entirely vegan and vegetarian friendly, outdoor seating available on Park Ave, beautiful during the warmer months. Not too pricey, but not inexpensive.

8. Dorado

  • Small room vibe, nice outdoor seating on Park Ave. Excellent Mexican food and the best margaritas in town for those of age.


9. Aladdin’s

  • Excellent Mediterranean style food, good for a sit down dinner, but take out is also available. Inexpensive, and you can get two meals out of it!

10. Dogtown

  • Awesome specialty hot dogs, tons of options and my favorite mac salad in Rochester. Vegetarian options are also available.


11. Han Noodle Bar

  • Very affordable, nothing over $13 with a variety of Asian cuisine! Check out the pork belly buns and crab rangoons. You won't be disappointed. Located next door to Dogtown.


Staying Caffeinated

If you get sick of the 7+ different places to get coffee at RIT’s campus, feel free to go to some of these locations. These are spots I have picked because they have tables and are study friendly places, with tables available to work at. A quick drive, with a nice place to study off campus and keep buzzing. All are within 20 minutes from campus.

  1. Spot Coffee
  • Wide open tables which are great for meeting with a group to study or work, great coffee and also good, affordable food as well!slide-about.jpg

2. Boulder

  • Better for hanging out and relaxing than studying. Comfy couches and great coffee, but the tables are a little small.

3. Glen Edith

  • Smaller building than Spot coffee, but also very good for meeting with study groups or for projects. Very brightly lit and good modern aesthetic.

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4. Cafe Sasso

  • Right next door to Glen Edith, though not as study friendly. More of a place to read or hang out than to spread out your materials or laptop. 


  • The original Java’s downtown, so if you like the coffee at Java’s on campus, go check this place out. Also very study friendly, or a good place for a date

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