Early Decision: Why Should You Apply?

Ryan Roy on Tuesday, 24 October 2017. Posted in Admissions Process, Institute Requirements, Majors & Minors

The Early Decision deadline, November 15, is approaching and you might be wondering “What is Early Decision? Why should I apply for that instead of Regular Decision?” If you’re asking yourself those questions, you’ve come to the right place as I applied for Early Decision here at RIT. 

First, what exactly is Early Decision? As the name would suggest, students apply to RIT earlier than those who apply Regular Decision. These students will hear back from admissions much faster as well and will get their acceptance letters mid January. A perk of applying for Early Decision is that students will be provided with an early financial aid package as long as they have filed their FAFSA by December 1st. Everyone who applies Early Decision are also automatically considered for Merit Scholarships and will be notified if they receive one before the deposit deadline of February 1st. If students who applied for Early Decision and were accepted file their deposit before February 1st, they will receive priority during the campus housing selection process. Even if you are not accepted during the Early Decision Plan, that doesn’t mean you won’t be accepted to RIT in general. Students who aren’t accepted during Early Decision will most likely be asked to submit mid-year grades and will have their application looked at again during the Regular Decision Plan. If you were accepted during the Early Decision Plan but were accepted to a second or third major option, you ask to be released from Early Decision conditions if you so choose.

One of the biggest reasons I decided to apply for the Early Decision plan is the fact that my major is small and incredibly competitive. Applying early gives you an advantage as spots in your major have not yet been filled. It also shows that you have ambition and really want to attend college at RIT. Good luck to everyone and your college applications!