Freezefest - Brace the winter

Jiayun Li on Friday, 23 February 2018.

Freezefest is one of the major annual events at RIT, which occurs in the first week of February. It's a unique festival that celebrates Rochester’s cold and snowy months, and brings the RIT community, families and friends together.

This was my first year participating in Freezefest. First, I went to the Friday night hockey game. People always told me that I needed to go to an RIT hockey game at least once! I was surprised by the number of people that came for the Freezefest hockey game, and tickets were even free for RIT students. A lot of families brought their kids and friends, so the Gene Polisenni Center was packed! Many activities were also held at the gym before the game began. People had a chance to win different prizes, like hats and water bottles. I was sitting between the band and the crowd. Everyone was so excited that they were screaming and cheering loudly. The atmosphere really influenced me.

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The next day, I went to the Student Alumni Union, where more Freezefest activities were taking place. Students were talking and laughing with their friends and enjoying all the activities: they could make their own stuffed animals, there were S'mores makers, a painter was creating cartoon portraits for participants, and there were a ton of games and free food! Also, each year, an ice sculpture is created. If you want to learn more about FreezeFest, be sure to watch The RIT Newsman's video here:

Freezefest brings about different activities to enjoy during the winter in RIT. It can get cold, and there's a lot of snow here during in winter, but we still have a lot of fun and there's a lot to do. If you are concerned about the winter in RIT, here is a useful survival guide for you: I wish you have a beautiful and amazing winter!