How to Survive an Engineering Program at RIT

Eric Kolb on Tuesday, 18 September 2018. Posted in Advising & Support, Coursework, Majors & Minors

Hi again everybody! As a Chemical Engineering major, I can tell you that the engineering programs at RIT are not easy. But if you work hard and can get through the program, it can be very rewarding. Here are a few different things you can do as an engineering student to make sure that you succeed!

Do Work Ahead of Time

Make a schedule for your work and stick to it. Whether it’s studying, homework, or projects, it always pays to start and even finish well ahead of the deadline. This can help you succeed in a few different ways. The first is that if you start your work early from the beginning and continue throughout, you will always be ahead. This can catch up to you at the end of the semester and you could potentially have an easy last week or two since you will have already finished your work.

Another benefit of starting and finishing early is that you can ask questions. If you study or start homework early and run into an issue along the way or have a question, you have time before it is due to get help. This is especially useful with engineering problems because there will be many times that you are attempting homework problems that you will suddenly not have a single clue how to even start. If you started early, you can get help and learn how to solve it. If you start late, there may not be time for help and you may be stuck guessing. Besides that, you feel way better when things get done early! It makes me feel more confident and prepared and it makes me feel like I have more free time too.

Work in Groups

Getting a dedicated group of friends in your classes can be an essential part of thriving in an engineering major. I, and most of the engineers I know have an engineering group that meets often at night and between classes during the day. Having these dedicated friends can be extremely helpful when you are having trouble, need someone to do a project with, or just want to have someone to do homework with. This also just makes you feel much better knowing you have people supporting you in your major. These friends are going to be in my classes for the rest of my college career too, so I have gotten very close to them and they support me through everything.

Get Help

As an engineering major, you will almost certainly have trouble with your work at some point in your college career no matter how smart you are. The important thing to do when you are having difficulty is to do something about it! There are many resources at RIT for you to use to help you make sure you know your stuff. The biggest resource you can use that I think is the most useful is your professors. This is the best option, especially for engineering. Going to the professor that teaches the class you are struggling with is usually the most helpful since they will know exactly how to solve your problem. This also establishes a relationship with them too! It’s even sometimes good to go to your professor’s office when they have office hours even if you don’t need help to talk about class, your major, or life in general! Besides your professors, TA’s are also a great resource when professors aren’t available. They have taken the class before, so they will know exactly what needs to be done to solve your problems. Besides your TA’s, you can use tutors, the Academic Support Center, advisors, and the Bates Study Center to help you complete your work. When looking for co-ops, use your co-op advisor to help you in the process of finding and applying to co-ops too! While in engineering, use as many resources as possible to ensure your success. There will always be people willing to help if you just ask.

Succeeding in engineering at RIT is no easy task. But with help, good studying, and organization you can thrive, and end up with a great career after college!