Imagine RIT is Here

Jake Ellis on Friday, 27 April 2018.

This morning I walked out of my residence hall room on my way to class just like every other morning this year. The only thing that was different today was that there are no less than a hundred tents and tables set up in preparation for Saturday’s festivities! Every year RIT hosts the Imagine RIT festival on campus in the Spring so let’s talk about that!


Imagine RIT (or just Imagine if you are a student here) is like a giant science fair for our school except there is SOOOOO much more than just science going on here. Just about every single program of study, club, and student organization on campus will be setting up some sort of exhibit to show off what they have been up to this year. I am a business student so I have seen lots of my friend in the Global Business Group getting ready to set up their exhibit near the business college to help promote global awareness and participation. RIT will have examples of all the newest art that our students have been working on set-up across campus, and my friends in the Robotics club have been getting their army of robots ready to show off. They even have a robotic couch that they will be riding around campus on! I have a friend who will be setting up a biology exhibit involving color changing E.coli, and one of my best friend in the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program will be using an ultrasound to look inside of people who stop by their scanning suite!


As of a few years ago, Imagine RIT has become the largest outdoor festival in the Rochester area and I am super excited to be able to go check it out Saturday! If you have the chance to make it out to campus this weekend make sure you do because you won’t want to miss all the excitement this year!


For all of the new students who can’t attend reading this: don’t worry! Next year you will have the chance to check it all out again when you are actually a student here and who knows, maybe you will be one of the exhibitors showing off your cutting-edge projects!


Make sure to stop by the RIT admissions table to say hello if you are on campus for the festival. I will be there and I would love to meet so many of you!