My Favorite Places to Study on RIT's Campus

Lacie Kraich on Friday, 16 February 2018. Posted in Labs

Hello again! Lacie here, and this week I’m bringing you my top 5 list of my favorite spots on RIT’s campus to study. 


Undergraduate Animation Lab

As an animation major, I don't exactly have a lot of actual “studying” to do. A lot of my time is spent in the Undergraduate Animation Lab in the School of Film and Animation. As a result, it is one of my favorite places to finish assignments. I am sitting on the couch in the Undergrad Lab as I type this. I really do spend a lot of time here, including my free time! A good amount of my close animator friends can be found hanging out in here at any given time.

animation undergrad


HD Lab

Another one of my favorite places to work is the HD Lab in the School of Film and Animation. It is right down the hall from the undergrad lab. The undergrad lab usually has a lot of people in it, and sometimes all the noise is distracting. The HD Lab is my backup lab. The live-action film majors use this lab primarily, but there are Cintiq tablets at every station and the computers are equipped with all of the animation software I could ever need. I used this lab a lot last semester to work on my student film without being bothered.


3D Lab

Animation is a pretty small major to begin with, but when you split it among the different concentrations, it’s even smaller. Each concentration has its own dedicated workspace or lab. The Undergraduate Lab is mostly utilized by 2D animators, while the 3D lab on the first floor of Gannett is where the 3D students get their work done. The computers are faster and able to handle the 3D software that the Macs in the Undergraduate Lab lab do not have the processing power for. Even though I would consider myself a 2D animator, I take a lot of 3D classes, so I spend a good amount of time in here completing those class assignments.

3D Lab


Third Floor of the Wallace Library

When I have actual studying and memorization to do, I take a trip to the Wallace Library. The floors of the library get quieter as you go up the floors, and the third floor is a good noise balance for me. It is for individual studying, so it is a quiet floor. Not to mention that the library has an amazing coffee shop on the first floor!

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First Floor of Frank Gannett Hall

On the first floor of Frank Gannett Hall, there are a couple nice nooks and crannies to sit down and study. My personal favorite is the little table that is behind the stairs. I like to put some headphones in and write up emails, finish papers, and get myself organized for my classes that do not require me to be animating or drawing. I like this area because it’s well lit, cozy, and a private spot in an open area.


There you have it, folks. These are my 5 favorite places to get work done on campus! I would recommend checking them out, most of them have very comfortable couches.