Living Off-Campus

Eric Kolb on Monday, 19 November 2018. Posted in Student Life

Off Campus Life

While you’re at RIT, there are a ton of on-campus apartments for you to live in. However, many students choose to live off campus while they are here. While living on campus can be really rewarding and enjoyable, there is also a lot you can get out of living off campus too. I lived off campus for my first two years but starting my 3rd year I moved off campus. There are a few things you need to know when you move off campus, and some fun things too!

Things to Prepare For

  • You will need a car off campus, unless you live at a select few apartment complexes that have a bus. Try to plan around getting inspections, maintenance, and gas prices while you’re here. Also, try to get to class a little early so you can get a good parking spot!
  • Be ready for snow! Rochester winters are very unpredictable, but chances are good you will have to clean snow off your car at some point! If you can find a house or apartment with a garage then that can really help, but make sure you get a good ice scraper and brush and get some gloves, so your hands don’t freeze while you clean it off! Also, be ready for icy roads on your drive in since RIT will rarely close for snow! Snow tires are a good option if your car is not four-wheel drive.
  • You will have a lot more responsibility to take care of your house/apartment than when you lived on campus. You will have to go out and buy supplies for your house, monitor your electricity so your bill does not get too high, and make sure everything in the house is running and not broken!
  • Don’t leave stuff at your house! When I lived on campus, it was super easy to leave things I might need that day in my room and come back later. Living off-campus, you don’t have this luxury. You will probably be staying on campus pretty late, so bring everything you need for your whole day.

Benefits of Living Off Campus

  • You get a lot more exposure to the Rochester area. Since you won’t be on campus all the time, this gives you much more of an opportunity to get out of the RIT area and go see other things downtown, go hiking, or go to festivals. There’s a ton of stuff to do off campus and living away from RIT can give you a ton of experience with it.
  • You get to make your own food. Even living in on-campus apartments with kitchens, sometimes it is just easier to go to one of the dining halls on campus. While these are great, it is really nice to be able to cook your own meals. You also get to practice your cooking skills which will be super helpful once you graduate too. I love making my own lunches every day! It does require some extra time, but it saves money and it’s super fun.
  • You can have a ton more stuff! Living on campus can be restrictive with the amount of things you own, but if you live in a house or apartment off campus there’s usually much more room to store and keep things. You don’t have to worry about stuffing things under your bed or intruding on your roommates space!

While living on campus can be great, off-campus housing can also be really fun, as long as you prepare for it!