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RIT Bucket List (On-campus)

Farid Barquet on Tuesday, 17 October 2017. Posted in Student Life

I remember when I came to RIT as a freshman and feeling a bit overwhelmed by the number of activities that take place on campus. With approximately 300 clubs and numerous other departments on campus, all hosting events every week (I’d even dare to say everyday), it was hard to figure out exactly what I wanted to do, or what was important for me to do in order to get the full “RIT Experience.” Other than this, I also wanted to go out and explore Rochester, an area I knew nothing about. I was getting different recommendations from different people, and it just seemed that I was never going to be able to do everything I wanted to do.

Now that I am in my senior year, and I have done quite a lot both on and off campus, I am taking it upon myself to create an “RIT Bucket List,” for any new or potential student to have somewhere to start with. This list comes from talking to several of my friends, coworkers, and even professors. This list is in no way comprehensive – there’s so much more to do that may be an incredible experience – but these are what I found to be the more popular things to do during your time here. This list will be broken down into two, one for on-campus activities, and one for off-campus.

Here’s what we came up with for on-campus:

-            -Attend Imagine RIT

-            -Go to No Voice Zone

-            -Play Humans vs. Zombies (recommended for first-year while you have more time).

-            -Participate in Mud Tug.

-            -Spend a day at the Park Point, Province, or The Lodge’s pool while the weather is nice.

-            -Take a photo riding the Tiger Statue.


-            -Get a selfie with President Munson.

-            -Be Ritchie (our mascot) for an event.

-            -Go to Bow Wow wellness and pet puppies.

-            -Go Ice Skating at the Ritter Ice Arena

-            -Eat a Tech Crew from Brick City, and eat a Mascot from Ritz (chicken sandwiches)

-            -Go to Saturday brunch at Salsarita’s.

-            -Go rock climbing at the Red Barn.

-            -Spin around on the chairs in the Library.

-            -Participate in Relay for Life.

-            -Eat a Garbage Plate.

-            -Explore the tunnels on the academic side of campus.

-            -Go to a concert on campus.  

-            -Sit by the fire in Global Village.

-            -Explore the trails in the woods by Gracie’s.

-            -Go to a theatre production on campus (by RIT Players or NTID, or hopefully both!)

-            -Try all the visiting chefs at the different eating locations.

-            -Attend Freeze Fest and Spring Fest events.

-            -Follow the “RIT Foodshare” Facebook page to see where all the free food is on campus.

-         -Play in the snow with your friends (build a snowman, have a snowball fight, build an igloo, go sledding).

-            -Go on the balcony on Gannett building.

-            -Eat at Henry’s, the “secret” restaurant in the 4th floor of Eastman

-            -Paint the rock

-            -Find the 4th floor of the library.

-            -Paint a mural in the tunnels.

-            -Eat at a food truck when they come to campus.

-            -Go to “Brick Bash” during Orientation.

-           - Get on the 7th floor of Eastman to look at the Sentinel statue and see if it actually looks like a knight riding a horse.

-            -Get coffee from every coffee place on campus.


Keep on the lookout for the follow up to this list, to find out what are the must-do items off-campus!