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Student Government Services

Farid Barquet on Friday, 06 October 2017. Posted in Student Life


Student Government has been my home for the past 3 years on campus. The SG office has been the place where I go to do work, eat lunch, and hang out. I have been a part of the SG team since my second year at RIT, and I couldn’t be happier to be the President this year. I have seen the organization grow so much, and offer so many amazing things for students. So I wanted to take some time and highlight some of Student Government’s top resources/services, and how we help make students’ lives better.

Our biggest service is called PawPrints, which is an online petition system where any student can log-in and create or sign petitions for Student Government. When a petition hits threshold, which is 200 signatures, then SG will issue an official response to it. This is an amazing tool that really helps empower students and give them a voice for important matters on campus. We have had over 900 petitions in the three years that PawPrints has existed! Thanks to PawPrints, we’ve been able to open the Library 24 hours during the weekdays, pass a Grade Feedback Policy requiring professors to provide timely (within two weeks) feedback on all assignments, and even got the former President of RIT to give a concert on campus!


Last year, SG started an initiative called Project SpiRIT, which is meant to increase school spirit, and attendance at on-campus events. It is a point system, in which certain events are labeled as “SpiRIT Events,” and any student that attends those events gets points. Also, every Friday is SpiRIT Friday, and any student who comes to the SG office wearing RIT apparel also gets points. At the end of the semester, the students with the most points win awesome prizes! In the past years we’ve given a 43-inch flat-screen TV, an Xbox One, Maroon 5 Concert Tickets, a $500 Barnes & Noble gift card, and a $500 airline ticket voucher! Project SpiRIT hopes to create a campus culture where all students are proud to be an RIT Tiger!


Do you enjoy napping? Well you are in luck! Last year, the Student Government services team developed a Nap Map of campus! This service, appropriately called Naps, shows all the best napping areas on our campus, ranked by how quiet they are, how comfortable, and even by light-intensity! Napping enthusiasts rejoice!


If you are more into the active lifestyle, and you enjoy biking, but didn’t want to bring your bike all the way from home, then worry not! We have a Bikeshare, sponsored by Student Government and the Parking and Transportation Office, where students can borrow a bike for up to 24 hours, completely free! We are actively expanding our fleet, so that even more students, whether they are hardcore bikers, or just enjoy a leisurely ride, can use this service.

One more thing I’ll say, is that SG gives out free popcorn every day at the office! And once a month, we do an event called Dunkin’ with your Delegates, where we give out free coffee and donuts! There is never a lack of free food at RIT.

These are just some of SG’s biggest services, but there’s so much more that we have to offer. If you ever want to find out more, feel free to go on the SG website:, or follow us on social media! Other than the services listed above, the Student Government is here to make sure that all students’ needs are met, and all of their concerns addressed, so that we will all enjoy our time on campus!