Why I chose RIT

Wystan Wang on Monday, 26 March 2018. Posted in Visiting RIT

The most common question that other people ask me is: "why did you choose RIT?" Everyone has their reasons, and here are the reasons why I decided to come to RIT.

I will start with how did I get to know about RIT. That was back in my late junior year. After I took my ACT, I started getting colleges' advertisements. However, my top choices were New York University and Penn State at that time, and to be honest, I had never heard of RIT before. It might because I am an international student, and I don't know that many colleges in the U.S. While I was applying to those schools, I never paid any attention to the emails that I got from other schools. Then one day, I got an email from RIT. I asked my host parents about RIT and they told me that it is a great school and they advised me to apply. I was trying to apply for the actuarial science major, so I put RIT on my list because, why not, right?

Then I did some research about RIT: the majors, student population, ranking, and more. The more I read, the more interested I became in RIT. I became really interested in the accelerated dual-degree program which RIT offers. I would be able to get my bachelor's degree and master's degree in five years, saving myself one year, and RIT offered this five-year program for actuarial science. This was why I started my application for RIT.

I finished my application pretty early, so I heard back from RIT early as well. I found out I got accepted into the program in early December. Then, I looked up RIT's open house schedule, and there was one last open house 3 days away! I planned the trip and drove up from Delaware to Rochester. After I visited RIT, I loved it! My mind was made: I was going to choose RIT.

I committed to RIT a month after I visited. I love this place, and I am happy that I made the right choice.