Why I Chose RIT (Biomedical Sciences)

Hannah Kuntz on Friday, 26 April 2019.

Hi all!

My name is Hannah and I am a second-year Biomedical Sciences major on the pre-med track here at RIT. At this time two years ago, I was making the decision regarding where I would be spending the next four years of my life. This wasn’t a decision that I took lightly, and it required me to be honest with myself about what school would ultimately be the right fit for me. Due to several factors, including my specific program, the community, and the financial support that I was offered, I ultimately decided that RIT was where I could best pursue my post-secondary education.

       The Biomedical Sciences major at RIT offers me a unique opportunity to study exactly what interests me during my undergraduate career. While I would have had to major in Biology or Chemistry at most other universities, my major at RIT allows for me to take professional and program electives that are specifically geared towards medicine, and are designed for students who ultimately wish to pursue a graduate degree within the medical field. I even have the opportunity to take a class within our human cadaver lab here, which is an opportunity reserved for graduate students at most universities. This component of experiential learning is a trend that you will find amongst all of our majors at RIT. Our programs are designed for students to get experience within their respective fields as soon as possible, ultimately allowing students to have an edge when applying to the workforce or to graduate level education.

       I was still deciding between RIT and another school until I visited RIT during the Accepted Students Open House during my senior year of high school. Getting to experience the welcoming community at RIT allowed me to be able to truly see myself fitting in here. With such a diverse community, I honestly believe that anyone can find a home at RIT. Since coming to RIT, I have gotten heavily involved with Colleges Against Cancer, a club that I am the Vice President of this year. We do several events on campus to promote cancer advocacy and awareness and to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Our most well-known event is Relay For Life. Aside from that, though, I am part of several other social groups on campus comprised of individuals of all different backgrounds and interests. If you have something that you are passionate about, you are bound to find someone at RIT who shares your same passion.

       I would be lying if I said that finances do not factor into the college decision process. College is an investment, and I think most would agree that when committing to a college, you want to make sure that your investment is sound. The great thing about RIT is that I am able to get a highly-ranked private school education at the price of a state school in my home state. Through combined merit and need-based scholarships, RIT was able to reduce the cost of my attendance down to that of which I would have paid to attend a public school back home.

Ultimately, I cannot pinpoint one reason why RIT was the school that I chose. It was a combination of all of the things that I mentioned as well as other small details that ultimately made it the right place for me. I genuinely feel a sense of belonging at RIT and I am continually able to advance within my field due to the program that I am in. I don’t doubt for a minute that I made the correct decision when I ultimately chose RIT as my new home.