Why I Chose RIT

Janessa Morelli on Wednesday, 28 March 2018. Posted in Admissions Process

One of the most common questions I’m asked as an ambassador is: “why did you choose RIT?” I applied to more than ten colleges during my search and application process. I was initially completely lost on what I wanted to do; however, I leaned toward computer science and game development. This kicked off my search for colleges best known for those fields. My small rural school hadn’t offered any coding courses during my time there, but I did know that I loved games. RIT’s Game Design and Development program came up during my search, as it is very highly ranked both nationally and internationally.

 image3                                                                   (Our Tiger Statue! One of the best places to take pictures, especially for graduation!)


I applied as soon as I could after researching the goals and curriculum of the program. I loved how career-oriented RIT was, and that they wanted us to have the necessary skills to be successful in the gaming and computing industry, emphasizing a blend of coding and programming skills, as well as artistic design. The co-op program at RIT is another reason I chose to come here; being able to have the edge of applicable work experience when applying to jobs after college was something that I felt would be incredibly beneficial.  


I attended the Women in Computing overnight program. I was able to tour the campus, see the facilities and labs I would be using during my time here, and meet other girls that would be in my program and others closely related to it. The atmosphere of campus hooked me from the second I arrived. Every single person was so helpful and positive, and willing to answer any questions I had. Since I moved to campus as a freshman, this hasn’t changed at all. The current students helped me find my classes during my first week, my advisors were always supportive and encouraging of my goals, and my professors have consistently made themselves available if I needed any help or advice.

 image1 2                                                                   (Global Village is one of my favorite spots on campus! You can grab lunch at Salsaritas, which is like a Chipotle or Moe's, or head to Crossroads for my favorite sandwich, a chipotle turkey melt! It's a great place to hang out when the weather's nice.)

Here’s the thing; I’m one of the many people that switched majors after coming to college. From Game Design and Development, I explored Political Science, Biology, and Psychology. Every faculty member I have spoken to during my academic exploration process has been nothing short of encouraging and accommodating of my interests. I finally settled into the School of Individualized Studies, or SOIS, which feels like my home now. I made my own major and blended my love of science and psychology to create my own Biopsychology program, with an immersion in American Politics. Instead of a co-op (although students are still welcome to participate in one or more), I plan to participate in research with faculty. Every college at RIT is excellent, so no matter where you settle, you’ll find yourself feeling like you’ve found your niche.


I came here because of the diverse campus, the welcoming atmosphere, the excellent co-op program, and the aid the faculty and other students provide in helping you achieve your academic and professional goals. I stayed because of each program’s unique qualities, consistent amazing experiences in each department, the connections I’ve made with friends and faculty, the passion of each professor I’ve encountered for helping their students succeed, and my ability to blend my passions together to make the perfect program for my goals. No matter what your individual academic interests are, you’ll be able to throw yourself headfirst into it and find your own success. As I finish my third year, I can’t see myself anywhere else.