Why I Chose RIT

Jake Ellis on Wednesday, 28 March 2018.

Picking out a college to study at for me was a huge challenge. Thanks to my parents I started my school search during my third year of high school and I got the chance to visit schools all around the country before I decided on RIT. When people ask me why I picked RIT (a question you get a lot as a Student Ambassador) I give them my four biggest reasons:


  1. Interdisciplinary Study- When I was looking for the business programs across the United States I wanted to make sure that I could work with students from all different majors. Here at RIT, I have gotten just that! There are more than 300 clubs on campus and every one that I have joined has given me so many chances to learn about things in the fields of computer science, engineering, and design. I know that picking up new skills will really help me to land my dream job once I graduate.


  1. Study Abroad- Another major factor in my college search was the ability to study abroad. I wanted to make sure I would be attending a school that would let me get out and see a little more of the world. The Study Abroad office here on campus does an awesome job of connecting students with international programs and, because RIT has campuses in Croatia, Kosovo, and Dubai, I am positive that I will get the chance to take classes outside of the US.


  1. Technology - The last factor that led me to choose RIT was the use of technology. Every job today involves some sort computer software or electronic device so I knew that it was important for me to attend a school that teaches students how to make the most out of the tools that are available. After I sat in on a class at RIT it was easy to see that the college really focused on the use of computers and making sure that the students really understood what each program could be used for.


  1. Work Experience- Before looking at RIT I had heard about internship programs. From TV shows and movies, I had this idea that most of the time interns would be in charge of making copies or getting coffee for everyone in the office. At RIT most students are required to do a co-op which is like an internship, except all of our students will work on projects inside of companies where they can really make a difference and learn all about the type of work they will be doing after graduation (that means no making copies!). The best part of the co-op program is that lots of time RIT students are offered full-time jobs after they graduate so I won’t have to worry about finding a job!


Deciding what college to attend is a major choice in our lives and I remember exactly how hard it was. I hope that my blog here helps you to figure out what school is the best fit for you!