Why I Continue to Choose RIT

Lacie Kraich on Thursday, 22 March 2018. Posted in Student Life

When I was first hired to the Undergraduate Admissions social media team, I wrote a blog on why I chose to attend RIT. I thought it was time to update that, and instead talk about why I continue to choose to attend RIT.

RIT was my top choice school when I was applying to colleges. The main thing I was looking for while searching for schools was a good program in animation because that’s what I was looking to study (and ended up studying! I love it!). I started off by looking at the Animation Careers list of top animation schools in the country, and RIT was on that list. After doing some more research on notable alumni and seeing examples of student work, I thought it would be a great school to check out.

While I was most concerned with finding a college with a good animation program, I was also really interested in finding a school that would give me the opportunity to try my hand at several kinds of studies. RIT definitely makes it easy to take classes in things you are interested in outside your major. As a senior in high school, I liked the idea of having the option to change my mind as well. RIT has all kinds of major programs, so I knew that if animation wasn’t what I expected, then I could choose from a whole variety of other programs. I felt like I would be limited in my choices in art schools, so this is part of the reason I chose RIT.

Now that I am a third-year student at RIT, I am almost at the end of my journey here. But why do I choose to stay here? Here are some reasons:

1.) The academics.

I really like my classes, and feel like I am learning valuable skills that will better prepare me for the industry. I also love taking classes in courses outside of my major. It is refreshing to learn new material and broaden your horizons.

2.) The professors.

I love my professors! I think that they’re great people, and I appreciate that they are always willing to help me out with not just my classwork, but just life in general. They really care about their students.

3.) The community.

RIT has such a welcoming and diverse group of students, faculty, and staff members. I have met so many wonderful people since coming to RIT and made several lifelong friends. In fact, I have made more genuine friends that care about me as much as I care about them here than back in my hometown.

4.) The Film and Animation program.

I guess this ties more into academics, but the School of Film and Animation has an environment like no other. It is a very small major, so everyone knows everyone in animation, but I love it. I feel like if I ever need help, feedback, or just someone to laugh or hang with, I can walk into the animation lab or the building lobby and find someone. I feel close to my peers, and I like the community we have established.

So there you have it, here are some reasons why I chose RIT and why I continue to choose RIT every day!