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Applied Arts and Sciences
Pittsford NY
I grew up in Pittsford, NY which is a suburb on the southeast side of Rochester. As a youngster I was very involved in hockey, attending several summer camps in the local area. Former RIT hockey coach Eric Hoffberg was a mentor to me growing up, as he was involved in many of the hockey camps in the local area. As a result, I attended many RIT hockey games; the atmosphere in the Ritter Arena was always intriguing to me. My goal for hockey was to play as a full scholarship Divison 1 athlete. To achieve this goal I had to go away to prep school to gain the exposure that was necessary. The RIT hockey coach was influential in finding the right "fit" in a prep school. During that search process, I was told that I always had a home on the RIT hockey team. This was humbling to say the least, as I had always looked up to the RIT hockey program. I was a wide-eyed 15 year old kid, with dreams and aspirations that suddenly were becoming a reality! I went off to prep school at The Northwood School in Lake Placid, NY. My dream came true in a full athletic scholarship to RPI. After my junior year my relationship with the coach there deteriorated. I decided to call up my friend, the Head Coach at RIT. The offer was still on the table and I spent my senior year playing at RIT in the Ritter Arena. While surreal, it was the best year of my hockey career! I absolutely loved playing in the Ritter Arena in front of family and friends, in my hometown. We never lost a game at The Ritter that year. Unfortunately, we lost in the NCAA semifinal. I will never forget the experience I had at RIT in my senior year. I met friends that will be friends for a lifetime and the education I received far surpassed anything I had ever imagined. Now I am writing about my past experiences as a student at RIT while I am working in the Undergraduate Admissions Office at RIT. People have always told me that life has a funny way of working itself out; I could not agree more!

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Matt Garver
Applied Arts and Sciences
Men's Ice Hockey Team
Rochester Institute of Technology, Undergraduate Admissions Office
The diverse program offerings and my relationship with the Ice Hockey coach are the main reasons I chose RIT.
You would have to ask them...
I dig live music!
South Park
Grateful Dead
Slap Shot
Leprecaun on my right shoulder blade
Men's league hockey
Watching Nascar every sunday