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Mechanical Engineering
New York NY

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Mendy Yu
music, arts&craft, anime, manga, food
New York
Mechanical Engineering
Kendo, Concert Band
Center for Women & Gender
RIT had a great undecided program and as a senior in high school I didn't really know about engineering. The exploration program helped me understand each engineering major and eventually help me decide my current major. Also I love the arts and just knowing RIT had a great art program too was really what made me choose RIT. I'm really looking forward to taking a studio class here at RIT.
Pasta with mushroom sauce at Simply Eats
Mango roll at Osaka Sushi
I drink yogurt with a straw
Friends or maybe The Ellen Degeneres Show
I have a wide variety of artists and genres that I listen to, maybe Maroon 5 or Bruno Mars
Too much to decide!! Howl's Moving Castle is probably on the top somewhere.
Library or a secluded area with little to no distractions despite me still being able to be distracted. I want to rescind my previous answer and say the lounges in the dorms just because on a test night for me I occupy the space and lay out all my work ev
I would have the love character in chinese
3 on my left ear, 2 on my right with a cartilage
Being focused, it's happened quite a few times when I forgot the time and day and have been on my computer without food or sleep.
Collecting graphic tshirts
Excessive cleaning