Living Off-Campus  By Eric K  - Off Campus Life While you’re at RIT, there are a ton of on-campus apartments for you to live in. However, many students choose to live off campus while they are here. While living on campus...  >> Read More

The majority of  full-time undergraduate students live on campus in residence halls or apartments, and our self-contained, suburban location creates a safe and secure atmosphere.

You’ll find that just about anything you need is available and accessible, including athletics facilities, dining halls, a post office, a health center, a student-rugalleryn nightclub, and even a convenience store in the residence halls. Gracie’s, the main dining hall on the residential side of campus, has an extensive menu that borrows from Greek, Asian, and Italian cooking and features California, Southern, and Tex-Mex favorites as well as a variety of vegetarian choices.

Our student housing is among the safest, most comfortable and technologically advanced you’ll find anywhere. Two computer connections in every room provide high-speed access to the campus computer network and the Internet. We offer campus living options to meet a variety of needs and interests. If you’re passionate about art, photography, science, computers, business, or engineering, you may want to live in one of our residence hall special-interest houses. Others include International House, for international and American students, and Unity House, which develops and fosters awareness of black history and culture. Because the houses are designed for members to share special interests, residents agree to be active in house events and projects throughout the year.

mudtugMany sororities and fraternities also have their houses on campus. These organizations promote high academic standards and community service while offering a number of athletic, extracurricular, and social outlets for their members. Greek life is a great way to develop leadership and organizational skills, build lifelong friendships, and expand your career network through alumni connections.

Campus apartments are an attractive housing option for many sophomores, juniors, and seniors, since RIT has one of the nation’s largest university-owned and -operated apartment systems. Five apartment complexes are located less than a mile from the center of campus, including those in the Park Point development on the edge of campus. Apartment living is another step toward life after college.

Community spirit
Sometimes it’s tough to find the time to give what you might like to, or to be all that you might hope of yourself. But RIT makes it easy with ROCS Day. Reaching Out for Community Service is our global day of volunteerism. Projects are planned in Rochester, around the country by our alumni chapters, and at our campuses in Kosovo and Croatia. The day unites us as we contribute to our communities around the globe.

tiger_walkSchool spirit: orange and brown
RIT sparkles with school spirit. Every Friday, you’ll see our school colors of orange and brown all around campus: it’s Spirit Day, when students, faculty, and staff wear RIT colors. But it’s not just in the clothes—spirit is in everything we do, from supporting our athletic teams to decorating the campus for the Brick City Homecoming Festival to welcoming new students at Orientation. There’s always a club function, sporting event, or social occasion to be a part of.

… and green
Green is a color you’ll see more of at RIT as the campus focuses on environmental concerns. Students embrace RIT’s exploration of several sustainable design projects focused on exploring the capabilities of sustainable technologies on campus. That “green spirit” is demonstrated in a recent student project resulting in the installation of a windpowered light along Cross Campus Drive. It was funded by the university, which is looking at numerous ways to reduce its reliance on power from carbon-producing sources.

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