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Alumni Career Volunteer Opportunities

We’re looking for RIT alumni who would like to share career advice and expertise. If you are enjoying success in your career and would like to participate in the career development of our students and alumni, we invite you to contact us. With a minimal time commitment, you’ll make an impact that lasts a lifetime! Here are some opportunities for your consideration.


Mentor Network Career Advisor

The Mentor Network - coming soon to our Handshake system -  is a database of volunteer advisors that provides an excellent networking resource. Handshake is our new system where students and alumni view all jobs, campus interviews, career-related workshops/seminars and career fair information. In joining the Mentor Network, employers and alumni create a brief career profile. Current student and alumni job seekers then request contact with volunteers in their field of interest.

The students and alumni who reach out to you may be interested in any of the following:

  • Connecting with professionals in their field
  • Conducting an informational interview about your career
  • Learning more about your industry or organization
  • Learning more about jobs at your organization
  • A possible mentoring relationship
  • Possible shadowing experiences at your organization
  • Possible speaking engagements at their student club or organization on campus

Go here for more information:

Alumni Guest Blogger

Our Alumni Blog features information and advice on topics including career success strategies, job search advice, and industry and career trends. If you have a story or advice to share that will inspire and motivate other alumni, consider submitting a blog post that describes your journey and what you’ve learned along the way. Check out our blog for previous posts - Let us know if you’re interested and we’ll provide more information and parameters for the posts.

Resume Reviewer

If you are a human resources professional or hiring manager, we invite you to critique student and alumni resumes and/or portfolios for your particular field or industry. Insights and perspectives from the real world are appreciated by students and alumni as they prepare for their job search.

Mock Interviewer (In Person or Virtually)

We offer two on site mock interview programs for students and alumni each year, utilizing alumni and employer volunteers. Mock interviewers spend a half hour with each student or alumnus/a, asking questions and providing feedback. We also offer mock interviews by phone or Skype throughout the year upon request.

Career and Industry Expert

Can you offer tips and advice to students and alumni in your career field, or give general job search suggestions? Career experts record brief videos on specific job search or career development topics, or on their industry or field, which we will post on our website. We also have a student blog and Twitter feed, where we highlight alumni and employer career paths in a wide variety of industries and fields, so students can learn more about the careers they’ve chosen from experts already working in those fields. You can also contribute to our career focused quarterly newsletters, providing industry or field specific information to students and alumni. Give others a glimpse into your professional life!

Guest Speaker / Webinar Presenter

Interested in speaking to classes, groups, or student organizations on campus about your work, career field, or profession? We will arrange a time and location for you to speak with our students in every discipline at RIT. We offer programs on specific career fields, as well as job search techniques programs, and also workshops geared for young and experienced alumni professionals. Or be a featured speaker for our Alumni Career Success Series webinars; typical topics include the job search, professional development, social media, networking, entrepreneurship, and career management.

Employment Ambassador

Career Services staff work closely with knowledgeable alumni who assist in identifying job opportunities for our co-op and graduating students. Do important people in your organization know about RIT's successful programs? Is our staff in contact with the correct "decision making" individuals in your company? Can you assist us in developing partnerships with professionals in your field who can hire our students and alumni? Could you make introductions for our office? Please volunteer as an employment ambassador; to work with a Career Services staff member to assist with co-op and full-time employment needs in your organization.

Join our LinkedIn Group!

We invite you to join our LinkedIn Group – RIT Career Services. Connect with students, alumni and employers, start discussions and post jobs. We welcome your participation!

Other Ideas?

We’re open to ideas you may have to assist our office in providing programs and services to students and alumni. Just contact us to share your suggestions.

Interested in volunteering?

It’s easy to get started! Simply call our office at 585.475.2301 and ask to speak to Kris Stehler, Assistant Director for Alumni Relations, or email Kris at She’ll match your interests and availability to our programming needs.

We appreciate your interest in giving back, and look forward to working with you!