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RIT Behance Portfolio Gallery

Announcing the RIT Bēhance Gallery!RIT Behance Gallery promo

Bēhance is the leading online platform to showcase & discover creative work. The creative world updates their work in one place to broadcast it widely and efficiently. Companies explore the work and access talent on a global scale. Rochester Institute of Technology now has a dedicated Bēhance Portfolio Gallery, sponsored by RIT Career Services! 

The RIT online gallery is a community for current students, alumni and faculty to share and discover creative work. By joining you'll gain more exposure for your portfolio and get noticed by employers and recruiters scouting for talent.

Joining the RIT Bēhance Gallery

Joining is easy and free.  If you already have a Bēhance account, visit and then click Login.  Use your existing AdobeID associated with Behance, fill out your RIT credentials (like your RIT email address), and you're in!

If you are new to Bēhance, to join a school gallery you must be a current student, faculty member or alumni with corresponding credentials for that school.  Your AdobeID doesn't need to be associated with that school or organization, but you'll need to enter a valid RIT email address.

It is so important for everyone in the creative field to have an online portfolio to promote yourself and your work. The fact that Bēhance is one of the best portfolio sites out there and you should become a Bēhance member today so that you can benefit by being part of the RIT Gallery!

Here is more information about Bēhance for you. 

If you have an iPad or iPhone consider downloading the Bēhance app from iTunes -- it will nicely display your work that you have hosted by Bēhance. Handy when you want to show your work to potential employer or contact. 

Bēhance Best Practices: Filling Out Your Profile

Whether you’re brand new to Bēhance or have been a member since day one, a major key to finding success with Bēhance is to have as complete a profile as possible. This means different things to different people, but Bēhance offers a ton of ways to connect the different parts of your digital life in once place.

Ok, where to start? How about adding some information about yourself? Hover over the left-side of your profile near the user photo, you’ll see a blue Edit Pen. Click that and you’ll be brought to the Edit Profile screen. The great thing about this page is that everything saves automatically, so there’s no need to worry about something not saving! This page transforms what people will first see on the information pane of your profile, so keep that in mind when adding or removing information. Alternatively, if you leave a section COMPLETELY blank, it will be removed from public view.

The Teams section allows you to organize the teams you’re a member of—you can add yourself to a team, remove yourself from a team, or reorganize your team list. Remember, you can be a member of up to five different teams.

On the Web connects visitors of your Bēhance profile to your other web networks like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Only the networks you add will appear on your profile.

About Me gives you an opportunity to say something about you, your work, or anything else! This is also a great place to describe what’s on your Work Experience, which is editable directly below About Me.

Web References are typically used to share sites where you or your work are mentioned. You can link out to a blog that featured a project or the sell page for an app you designed—your choice!

The Custom Sections are just that— a space where you can share anything you haven’t already. In the past, users have used this space to list awards they’ve won, specific campaigns they’ve worked on or a list of skills they excel at. An Awards section is a good example of this.