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Startup Companies

Are you up for a unique challenge, with a chance to use your skills in a fast paced environment, where you work hard, wear many hats, and commit all your energy to an idea that has only a one out of four chance of success?  If so, then working at a startup company may be for you! 


Working At A Startup


  • Not a job, but a mission – greater feeling of creating something of value
  • Lack of structure – less hierarchy, fewer rules, more casual work hours
  • More room for creativity and entrepreneurial spirit
  • Perks can include working from home, free food, open leave policy
  • Potential stock options – ownership in the company
  • Promotion opportunities to leadership roles easier and faster
  • Results of your work are immediate, and rewarding
  • Multiple roles, so gain valuable and diverse skills
  • You help define company culture
  • Generally fewer politics, more camaraderie


  • Uncertainty, risk – there is no guarantee the company will be successful
  • Pay and benefits may not be as good, at least initially
  • Pay structure may be different; you may receive a stipend, or profit sharing options, instead of a set hourly pay rate or annual salary
  • Less work life  balance – heavy work load and long hours
  • More pressure to perform – smaller workforce so every person factors into company success

What Startups Look For In A Candidate

  • Passion & enthusiasm
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Tech smarts
  • Ability to communicate
  • Outside projects
  • Committed to personal growth and learning
  • Self-starter
  • Extras – what else have you done

Tips For A Successful Search

  • Do side projects; develop an app, contribute to an open source project
  • Learn new technologies (classes and outside; Khan Academy, Coursera,, Open Courseware)
  • Demonstrate your passion
  • Be persistent & patient
  • Get involved with a campus startup
  • Participate in a hackathon or makeathon
  • Showcase your skills; GitHub, personal website, online portfolio, blog
  • Research startups, focus on those that fit your interests & skills
  • Personalized contact with CEO, demonstrate passion & interest, detail how you can make an impact

More Information On Startups

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