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Recruiting Creative Talent


  1. Posting Opportunities
  2. Portfolio Reviews & Creative Industry Day
  3. Student Portfolio Sites

There is a wealth of creative talent at RIT ranging from web, graphic, industrial, interior designers and photographers and animators. We have illustrators, medical illustrators and fine artists and crafts people. Visit our programs and salary page for more information on this diverse set of majors. The College of Imaging Arts and Sciences' portfolio or academic programs includes:

Posting Opportunities

We can help you source out talent for your freelance, co-op, and internship openings as well as more permanent full-time openings for recent or experienced alumni. Visit our Posting Jobs and Interivewing page for more details about traditional recruiting options.

Portfolio Reviews & Creative Industry Day

One of our major events, RIT Creative Industry Day was created primarily for College of Imaging Arts and Sciences students and alumni to connect with, and get feedback and advice from, professionals in the creative field. This event is a unique blend of portfolio reviews/career fair/networking.

The objective is to provide a forum for networking and information exchange between students and industry professionals. This is an informal atmosphere where students will learn about the skills required for success in your industry, what career paths are available, and get feedback on their portfolios. This type of interchange will be a beneficial experience for the students, the industry and the instructors.

 For complete information, please visit our Creative Industry Day|Portfolio Review page.

Student Portfolio Sites

For an idea of what some of our RIT students can do, visit the Portfolio Site set up each year for Creative Industry Day: It is a great way to source out talent. Feel free to reach out to potential candidates directly.

The College of Imaging Arts and Sciences site has a Gallery page that showcases student work.