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Finding a Federal Job

In the next five years, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) projects that more than 550,000 federal employees — one-third of the entire full-time permanent workforce — will leave the government. This has lead to very strategic and aggressive recruitment strategies to secure the best and brightest to replenish their workforce, which in some cases can equal bonuses once a position is accepted. Jobs are available in virtually every academic discipline. The following information is designed to assist you in creating your federal path within the federal government.



Pay Grades

Check the Pay Grade chart for different levels of pay

Security Clearance

Jobs that include access to sensitive information generally require a security clearance, which is a more intensive background investigation that often begins after a job offer has been received. Access a PowerPoint presentation (PDF) presented by Jon L. Roberts Ph.D., J.D., The Marbury Law Group, PLLC on Security Clearance Processing

Resume Writing Tips

Main article: Resume Writing

Differences between Federal and Private Industry resumes

Private Industry Federal Resume

1-2 pages
No social security number, supervisors, or salaries
Fewer details in descriptions
Creative, graphic, functional resumes are acceptable
Keywords are desirable

3-5pages is acceptable
supervisor’s names, salaries
More details for work descriptions to demonstrate your qualifications for a job
Chronological, traditional format
Keywords are needed


Federal careers by field of interest:

Federal jobs by college major (2009 ‘Where the Jobs Are’ report) outlines government-wide projected hiring needs and is based on a survey of 34 federal agencies, representing nearly 99 percent of the federal civilian workforce. This report identifies nearly 193,000 “mission critical” jobs and is the most recent document of its kind released by Partnership for Public Service. Defines excepted service agencies and lists some of those agencies that fall into this category discusses the security clearance process, including the identification of some of the agencies that require them federal resume writing a tutorial for those job seekers who are new to gives tips on how to maximize as a resource and job-seeking tool this resource helps with deciphering the verbiage in federal job postings