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National Labs Career Fair



Fall 2020

Join us for National Labs Career Fair 2020!  This event highlights research, co-op, internship, and career opportunities at national laboratories across the United States. To date we have 13 FFRDCs (Federally Funded Research and Development Centers) registered.  These centers conduct research in the industries of defense, homeland security, energy, aviation, space, health and human services, and tax administration. FFRDCs are grouped into three categories focusing on different types of activities: 1) System Engineering and Integration Centers, 2) Study and Analysis Centers, and 3) Research and Development Centers (includes national laboratories).  Meet with labs to talk about opportunities for co-op, internship, research and full-time positions.  They're interested in science, engineering, and computing students.

Why would you want to work at a national lab?

“Laboratory discoveries have spawned industries, saved lives, generated new products, fired the imagination and helped to reveal the secrets of the universe. Rooted in the need to serve the public good and support the global community, the National Laboratories have put an American stamp on the last century of science. With equal ingenuity and tenacity, they are now engaged in innovating the future.”



America's National Laboratories have:

Advanced supercomputing

Decoded DNA 

Brought the web to the United States 

Put eyes in the sky

Revolutionized medical diagnostics and treatment 

Powered NASA spacecraft 

Harnessed the power of the atom

Brought safe water to millions 

Filled the Protein Data Bank 

Invented new materials

Found life’s mystery messenger

Mapped the universe — and the dark side of the moon

Shed light on photosynthesis

Solved cultural mysteries 

Revolutionized accelerators 

Revealed the secrets of matter 

Confirmed the Big Bang and discovered dark energy

Discovered 22 elements 

Made refrigerators cool 

Got the lead out

Invented a magic sponge to clean up oil spills

Added the punch to additive manufacturing

Created inexpensive catalysts 

Created high-tech coatings to reduce friction

Put the jolt in the Volt 

Cemented a new material 

Pioneered efficient power lines 

Made early universe quark soup

Levitated trains with magnets 

Developed efficient burners 

Improved automotive steel

Looked inside weapons

Pioneered nuclear safety modeling 

Identified good and bad cholesterol 

Pitted cool roofs against carbon dioxide

Squeezed fuel from microbes 

Tamed hydrogen with nanoparticles 

Created a pocket-sized DNA sampler

Fabricated the smallest machines

Preserved the sounds of yesteryear

Exposed explosives 

Toughened airplanes

Simulated reality 

Detected the neutrino 

Discovered gamma ray bursts

Created the first 100-Tesla magnetic field

 Froze smoke for hot uses 

Invented the cell sorter 

Ushered a domestic energy renaissance 

Enabled space exploration 

Sharply curtailed power plant air emissions 

Made wind power mainstream 

Engineered smart windows 

Delivered troops safely 

Channeled chips and hips 

Made 3D printing bigger and better 

Purified vaccines

Improved airport security 

Improved grid resiliency 

Solved a diesel dilemma 

Harvested energy from air

Gone grid friendly 

Put the digital in DVDs 

Locked nuclear waste in glass 

Cleaned up anthrax 

Sped up Ebola detection 

Prevented unauthorized use of a nuclear weapon 

Launched the LED lighting revolution 

Mastered the art of artificial photosynthesis 

Advanced fusion technology

Made the first molecular movie 


 Come to the fair and learn how you can be part of the world’s next great discoveries!


Schedule - Fair 1:00-4:00pm - Gene Polisseni Center


Lab Participants

Here are the labs that will be attending:

Air Force Research Laboratory – Information Directorate

Applied Research Laboratory at the Pennsylvania State University

Brookhaven National Lab

Federal Reserve Board

Georgia Tech Research Institute

Los Alamos National Laboratory

MIT Lincoln Laboratory

NASA Glenn Research

Naval Nuclear Laboratory (operated by Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corporation)

Naval Research Laboratory

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Sandia National Laboratories


Information for Students


Q. Where can you get your resume reviewed?

A. Drop-in Hours at the Office of Career Services: Monday-Thursday, 10:00-4:00; and Friday 10:00-12:00, Bausch & Lomb Center. OR with your Career Services Coordinator, make appointment via Handshake

Q. What materials should I bring to the fair?
A.  Bring copies of your resume.  You may also want to bring copies of your unofficial transcript.

Q.  What are your tips for National Labs Day preparation?
A. There are a number of strategies:

  • Research attending Labs on Handshake and on their websites; see what jobs are listed and apply online to company websites before fair
  • Attend prep workshops – all are listed on Handshake, under Events
  • Prepare Elevator/Micro Pitch - tailor your introduction to the skills and qualifications you have that will fill a need the Lab has, or an area(s) in which you will fit within the Lab
  • Have resume reviewed, and bring enough copies
  • Dress professionally to make a good first impression; anything from a suit to business casual is acceptable
  • Attend Student Panel/Prep Workshop, so you can find out about student experiences working at the labs and how to prepare for the fair

  • Get contact information and follow up after the fair – send thank you email


Students are responsible for requesting interpreting services. To submit requests go to



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