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Teacher Recruitment Day

Teacher Recruitment Day is a job fair for any graduating student or alumnus of a degree or educational certification program from a Rochester area college who is available for employment as a NYS certified teacher, social worker, school psychologist, administrator, or other specialist.

School district representatives will be available to talk with you about opportunities in their school.

TRD Information

Typically scheduled during Spring Semester. For details visit the Rochester Area College Career Development Association Events & Fairs page for more details. RACDA is the coordinating organization.

Tips for a Successful TRD

  • Research districts in advance
  • Visit their websites
  • Use Mapquest to verify the location of districts within their state
  • Identify 10 –15 targeted districts
  • Practice answering interview questions.


  • You may check in 10 minutes prior to your interview at the appropriate Check-In station (color coded)
  • Wait for recruiters to get you for your interview
  • Be confident, Introduce yourself
  • Firm handshake
  • Good posture and eye contact
  • Be sure to review your resume prior to interview and reflect on past experiences
  • Be ready to ask questions
  • Don’t ask about salary or benefits
  • Collect business card for thank you letter and further follow up
  • Portfolio – use sparingly; do not force it

Dress for Success

  • Wear professional business attire with dress shoes
  • Conservative accessories

Follow up

  • Send out thank you notes within 24 hours
  • Beware of signing contracts without a specific school assignment
  • Do not renege on job offers, if you accept a job you must discontinue you search elsewhere

What you will need at TRD

  • TRD Admission ticket
  • Photo ID
  • Notepad, pens
  • LOTS of resumes
  • A list of your target schools
  • Portfolio (optional)
  • Money for lunch/snacks
  • Something to read or work on while you wait
  • Sense of humor and a positive attitude