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Internship in Japan (IIJ) Program

Internship in Japan (IIJ) has catered to hundreds of students from all around the world (including RIT students) since 2012 and is the leader in Japan for internships. IIJ is part of International Cross-cultural Committee (ICC) which has been sending thousands of japanese students on internships and study abroad programs since 1973. All the IIJ and ICC staff has experience being themselves interns and/or students abroad, so they know what you want, what you need and what you are concerned about.

IIJ offers both summer and year-round internship programs lasting for 1 to 6 months depending on your choice. The internships are located all around Japan with a majority in Tokyo and most sectors are possible.

IIJ’s office is located in the heart of Tokyo and their team will provide you with a 24/7 support during your internship. The programs also include counselling session(s), a health & liability insurance, training & coaching sessions, international networking parties, seminars, field trips and visits of companies (depending on the program), pre-arrival and arrival orientation sessions. You also have access to a free space inside IIJ’s office for you to work on your school’s project or even to relax. There will be air conditioning, free WiFi and drinks.

IIJ’s priority is your growth as an individual and as a professional so give yourself a chance to take part in a career making experience!


The Pasona Internship Program has offered the Summer Internship Program in Japan to American graduate and selected undergraduate students since 1988. So far, over 370 students have had the unique working experience in the Japanese corporate world through the Internship Programs.

The program has offered internships at various Japanese corporations for approximately 10 students each year. Interns will receive 120,000 yen per month as allowance (subject to change depending on internship period) plus accommodations in a company dormitory. Work-related travel expenses will also be provided by the host company. Pasona Internship Program will reimburse a round-trip economy airfare between the U.S. and Japan up to $1,200.

To qualify, candidates must be highly proficient in the Japanese language and must currently be enrolled as a graduate or undergraduate student.