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Through a challenging training curriculum, the expert guidance of Master Teachers, and the support of a professional community of educators, PLTW has transformed traditional instruction.  PLTW's approach to professional development prepares educators to lead the engaging PLTW experience in their classrooms and provides the continuing support they need to be successful. 


The PLTW Professional Development approach ensures a consistently excellent PLTW experience for teachers - from the moment tehy register, to the training they take part in at RIT, to the day-in and day-out support they receive in their classrooms.

Please refer to the 2019 Core Training Schedule to review the time frame for each course.





For questions regarding Core Training curriculum, registration and payment

PLTW Solution Center



Can I attend Core Training if I am not currently at a PLTW school?

Through Project Lead The Way’s Open Professional Development option, you can. If you are interested in attending one of our Core Training classes, contact for access and permission to register. Please be aware that if you are paying for Core Training on your own, full payment is required prior to arriving at Core Training.

Can I leave Core Training early?

No. We do not authorize any teacher to leave Core Training early. Completion of the course includes attending each class through the last scheduled date, and submitting all work to an acceptable level.

Do I need to bring a laptop to Core Training?

Yes!  It is the school’s responsibility to provide their teachers attending Core Training with a laptop, that meets all PLTW specifications and has all of the course required software installed prior to arriving at Core Training.