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RIT Policy on Awarding College Credit for Project Lead The Way courses

In spring, the school’s primary PLTW contact will receive an electronic copy of the parents letter with a link to the RIT college credit registration form. The letter should be distributed to qualifying students.

The RIT grade that a student will receive is based solely on the end-of-the-year assessment stanine score.  A stanine of 6 will equal a C; 7 will equal a B; 8 and 9 will equal an A.  It is important for teachers to tell their students what their stanine/grade will be for RIT credit. The parents letter will also detail how the stanines translate into letter grades.

Each teacher/school must email their qualifying students’ course grades and stanine scores using the Grade Report Template to, by July 1.  Privacy laws do not allow PLTW’s assessment company to share its data. RIT will keep this information confidential and it will not be shared.

Students applying for RIT credit complete the registration form and send it along with a $225 check to the address listed. They are then “enrolled” in the current RIT semester. At the end of the semester, students receive a transcript.

As students prepare to submit college applications, they should request a transcript showing their college credits. A transcript can be requested here.  There is a charge for transcripts.

If a former PLTW student attends RIT, the college credit grade point average (gpa) received from RIT is counted towards his/her undergraduate RIT cumulative gpa.  If the student goes to another university, the credits are usually transferred without a letter grade or gpa.

Since these students are receiving college credit for college-level work, there are certain rules that must be followed by every PLTW school to ensure the integrity of the exam and process:

  • Students must take the exam immediately at the conclusion of the course.
  • All exams must be given prior to June 30 of each calendar year for students completing the course that year.
  • Students taking the exam in the spring must apply for and pay for RIT credit prior to November 11th of that year.  Students taking the exam in December or January have until the following November 11th to apply.
  • If a student is graduating in 2019 or a Sr. is applying for early acceptance at colleges in Fall 2019 it is recommended that the registration form/payment be sent in by August 1st.

Mini Grant

RIT grants schools $20 for each student who registers for RIT college credit.

Schools who have participated in RIT’s undergraduate credit program previously do not have to take any action to receive the grant.  The student tallies are compiled after January by the RIT/PLTW School Relations staff.

Schools who are new to the RIT undergraduate credit program will be contacted to submit a W-9 form prior to payment.

In May the primary PLTW contacts from certified schools will receive a check reflecting the $20 per registered student (between January and December).  These grants are intended to be earmarked for use in the school’s PLTW program.

Grade Report Template

When submitting qualifying grades to RIT PLTW office, teachers must submit using this grade report template.

Deadline for submission of the grade report is July 1, 2019.

PLTW 2019 End of Course Assessment

When determining college credit eligibility for a student, please refer to the Raw Score to Equivalent Stanine Score Linkage Table


As a counselor or a school administrator, what is my role in the school’s PLTW program?
  • Recruiting students into PLTW courses and guiding them to pursue their interest in STEM fields. Understand college credit opportunities
  • Understand the specific roles and responsibilities within the PLTW LMS, (rostering students, updating teacher information)
  • Scheduling PLTW courses to best fit the needs and resources of the students and the school.
  • Ensuring that special learning accommodations for students are met.
As a PLTW teacher, what is my role in the school’s PLTW program?
  • Administer the EoC Assessment exam
  • Notify qualifying students and parents of college credit opportunity and give them the Parent Letter.
  • Submit qualifying scores to RIT on Grade Report Template.