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Photographic and Imaging Arts BFA

Program Overview

The BFA major – with options in advertising photography, fine art photography, photojournalism, and visual media – has a rigorous curriculum designed with individual achievement in mind. It features an immersive and hands-on perspective geared towards creativity and innovation. Enrollment in photography classes begins on day one of the first year. Theoretical and experimental components lead to the development of broad-based skills required of professionals in today’s ever-changing image culture, art world, and industries. With access to more than 150 unique photography, video, multimedia, web-based, and publication courses, BFA students are challenged using real-world problems to produce successful real-world results. Graduates of the photographic and imaging arts program see a 93.4 percent job placement rate upon graduation.

Degrees Awarded

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts


  • Approximately 400 students are enrolled in the undergraduate program.

Cooperative Education & Experiential Education Component

  • BFA students engage in a multitude of internships and/or co-ops aligned with their program and career goals. Internships and co-ops provide real-world work experience that becomes an invaluable part of students’ educational experience.

Salary Information

BS:           $51,000

Student Skills & Capabilities

·         Strong skills and experience in the use of traditional digital DSLR, large and medium format cameras, video cameras, etc.
·         Strong skills and knowledge in location and studio photography
·         Strong skills and knowledge of  light and light manipulation for location and studio work
·         Strong skills and  knowledge of image editing, retouching, and manipulation
·         Strong skills in critical thinking, ideation and final resolution of images, series, etc.
·         Strong skills in team-oriented projects, project management, etc.
·         Experience in image asset management, color management of cameras, monitors and printers
·         Imaging software including Adobe Creative Suite and Premiere.

Equipment & Facilities

The School’s facilities are an unparalleled resource for the creation and presentation of photography and moving media. They support all of digital, analog (historical and contemporary), and moving media (video and multimedia) creative practices. The facilities include five computer labs, all with access to scanners, desktop and large-format printers; a computer lab dedicated to video and multimedia; fifteen darkrooms dedicated to silver halide and historical processes; thirty fully equipped studios; and, dedicated labs for color measurement and imaging systems. The School’s “Cage” contains a wide-range of DSLRs, video cameras, medium and large format cameras as well as a large inventory of lenses, accessories, etc.
Workstations provide hands-on experience MAC platforms utilizing current imaging software (Adobe Creative Suite, Premiere, etc.), used to create a variety of projects in still, moving media and multimedia.
Department Website and Social Media
Instagram: and #ritphoto
Vimeo:  ritphoto

Selected Employer Hiring Partners

Condé Nast publications, Hearst publications, Magnum Photos, Museum of Modern Art, Aperture, New York Times, NPR, The Associated Press, Brooks Brothers, Pictometry, Mountain Standard, Wegmans, Profoto, Canon, Nikon, Crate & Barrel, Go Pro, Apple, Tim Inc., Amazon, Pier 59 Studios, Independent Studio owners, The White House, Smithsonian Magazine, Smithsonian Museum, George Eastman Museum, Urban Outfitters, Capture Integration and more.

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