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Medical Illustration BFA

Program Overview

Combining art and science to create anatomical and surgical sketches for instructional illustrations, courtroom exhibitions, computer graphics, and more—all to aid the understanding of medical and health conditions.

Degrees Awarded

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts


  • Approximately 30 students are enrolled in this program

Cooperative Education & Experiential Education Component

  • Co-op is optional for this program
  • Minimum co-op requirement: N/A
  • Co-op availability: N/A

Salary Information

Co-op:    $13.00      $12.00 - $15.00
BFA:        $ID

Student Skills & Capabilities

Art and science are equally important elements of medical illustration, a specialized form of artistry that combines drawing with biomedical training. Students may take advantage of courses throughout the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences, studying photography, multimedia presentations, drawing and medical sciences. Illustration projects are designed for use in print, broadcast media, and distribution via the web and mobile devices. The opportunity to observe doctors at work helps student to comprehend, simplify, organize and communicate medical procedures. Medical illustration students gain an understanding of composition, design, and layout as well as extensive experience in technical and mechanical lettering. By senior year, students are able to combine original images with typography to develop multi-screen slide shows with script, music and titles and will have prepared a portfolio for prospective clients.
Software: Illustrator, Photoshop, ActionScript, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Maya, 3ds Max, Flash

Equipment & Facilities

Several art production studios and digital labs. The computer lab facilities offer the latest equipment, software and support devices. Juniors and Seniors have access to individual studio spaces. Comprehensive education includes viewing operating room procedures, the study of gross anatomy at the nearby University of Rochester School of Medicine and the dissection of a cadaver. Lab sessions scheduled in operating room facilities (jointly sponsored by RIT and the University of Rochester).

Job Titles

Artist, Painter

Significant Points

  • This major is one of a very few undergraduate medical illustration majors offered in the country that prepare students to join the medical team as an allied health professional.
  • RIT’s graduate program in Medical Illustration is one of only five such programs in North America and the only program in the Northeastern U.S.

Selected Employer Hiring Partners

Second Avenue Learning, UUU Art Collective 

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