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New Media Interactive Development BS

Program Overview

New media is an ever-changing form of digital communication that engages, immerses, and often entertains users. Whereas old media involved newspapers, radio, and television, new media has adapted digital technology for the internet, social networks, wearable computing, and more. New media development professionals develop and design software for these devices. They must possess deep and far-ranging skills along with a broad understanding of the social and economic impact of all cutting-edge new media technologies. These professionals must be consummate problem-solvers with a well-honed ability to learn emerging technologies. And finally, they must also be able to make informed, timely decisions in an arena of constant urgency and change. In the new media interactive development major, students explore a multitude of creative and technical electives, including physical computing, interfaces, web, mobile, production, and more.

Our graduates build professional-quality web sites, program apps for mobile devices and tablets, and create social networking applications that connect people with technology and each other. Students learn to program using current and emerging technologies for the web, touchscreens, wearables, and interactive objects in the environment. They also learn design principles to make the interactive experiences they build polished and captivating.

Degrees Awarded

  • Bachelor of Science


  • Approximately 91 students are in enrolled in this program

Cooperative Education & Experiential Education Component

  • Co-op is mandatory for this program.
  • Minimum co-op requirement: 10 weeks in summer; 12 week in fall or spring
  • Co-op availability: second-year through fourth-year fall through summer

Salary Information

Co-op:   $17.56                   $12.50 - $25.00
FT:          $61,400

Student Skills & Capabilities

Students in New Media Interactive Development (NMID) gain a solid background in programming and computing technologies, experience with design and layout, and the development of media-rich experiences. NMID students spend their first two years learning essential new media concepts and skills with their peers from the New Media Design. They gain experience in concept development, programming, animation, interactivity, interaction design, multimedia project development, and other topics. In the junior year, students will work with their faculty and academic advisors to select a series of free and advanced electives to focus on a variety of areas, e.g., interaction design, rich-media web application development, data visualization, social and mobile applications, physical and surface computing, audio, and casual games. In the senior year, students from both New Media majors work collaboratively on a capstone, team project that tackles real-world new media challenges. This culminating hands-on learning experience provides an opportunity for students to hone their skills in teams. The project yields an impressive portfolio piece, which helps to attract potential employers. NMID gain further real-life work experience via two required co-ops that take place before graduation.

Equipment & Facilities

Students can access facilities found throughout the College of Computing and the MAGIC building. These labs are equipped with a variety hardware from Alienware® to ensure a mix of several processor types, hardware configurations, the Adobe® and Autodesk® production suites, the Android Studio IDE, MacOS computer hardware, the Xcode IDE, graphics boards from competing vendors in a true development and testing environment, and other industry standard development tools.

Job Titles

Co-op: Software Engineer Intern, Web Designer, Software Design Intern, Web/UI Video Software Development Engineer, Assistant UI Developer, Front-End Developer Intern, Associate Developer, Web/Mobile Developer

Full Time: Application Developer, Associate Developer – Front End Web, Developer, Front End Developer, IT Specialist, Jr. UX Designer, Software Engineer

Selected Employer Hiring Partners

Co-op: EagleDream Technologies, Rochester Regional Health, Bottomline Technologies, Forbes Media, Fujifilm North American, GeekHive, Xerox Corporation, Lenel, Felix Gray

Full Time: Helios Interactive, Mission Data, Pratt & Whitney, iStrategyLabs, Jebbit, Ahold-Delhaize

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We appreciate your interest in your career and we will make every effort to help you succeed. Feel free to contact Amanda Thau, the career services coordinator who works with the New Media Interactive Development program. For your convenience, you can access information and services through our web site at
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