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Computer Engineering MS

Program Overview

The computer engineering masters focuses on the design and development of computer and computer-integrated systems, with consideration to such engineering factors as function, performance, security, and sustainability. Computer engineers design and build these systems to meet application and system requirements with attention to the hardware-software interaction. The program emphasizes the careful adoption of design methodology and the application of sophisticated engineering tools. The intensive programming and laboratory work requirements ensure significant, high level, specialized knowledge and experience with modern facilities and state-of-the-art design tools.

The MS degree in computer engineering provides students with a high level of specialized knowledge in computer engineering, strengthening their ability to successfully formulate solutions to current technical problems, and offers a significant independent learning experience in preparation for further graduate study or for continuing professional development at the leading edge of the discipline. The program accommodates applicants with undergraduate degrees in computer engineering or related programs such as electrical engineering or computer science. (Some additional bridge courses may be required for applicants from undergraduate degrees outside of computer engineering).

Degrees Awarded

  • Bachelor of Science/Master of Science Dual Degree
  • Master of Science


  • Approximately 60 BS/MS students and approximately 45 MS students are enrolled in this program.

Cooperative Education & Experiential Education Component

  • Co-op is mandatory for this program.
  • Minimum co-op requirement: 4 blocks
  • Co-op availability: second-year summer; third-year and fourth-year spring through fall

Salary Information

Co-op:        $32.00                                  $17.00 - $54.50
MS:             $84,000

Student Skills & Capabilities

Hardware/software & their applications, including Machine intelligence, Cyber security, Hardware-software interfaces, Digital systems & IC design. Computer architecture, Computer networks, Robotics, Embedded systems, Software systems, Development/testing of software. Research in advancing computer architecture, machine learning, cyber security, networking & communication protocols, & autonomous robots.

Languages: JAVA, C++, C, Assembly, VHDL, Matlab, Python, UNIX, Linux, Solaris, VMS, Windows


The computer engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).  The program is evaluated using the Computer Engineering program criteria.

Equipment & Facilities

Digital Computer Organization and CUDA Laboratory NXP Embedded Systems Laboratory Harris Senior Design Laboratory Computer Engineering Mentoring Laboratory Digital IC Design Laboratory IoT Design Collaboratory NanoComputing Research Laboratory Real-time Vision & Image Processing Laboratory Networking and Information Processing Laboratory High Performance Architectures Laboratory Multi-core Systems Laboratory Cryptographic Engineering Laboratory Machine Intelligence Laboratory

Job Titles

Software Engineer, Robotics Engineer, Associate Machine Learning Scientist, Embedded Software and Security Engineer, Hardware Design Engineer, Data Scientist, Computer Engineer, Software Development Engineer

Significant Points

  • As designers and developers of information-processing computing systems, computer engineers play the leading role in the technological revolution propelling humanity‚Äôs adventure in the information age.
  • Computer engineering is at work: securing the cyber-physical space, advancing communications with smartphones, improving farming or industrial processes by integrating Internet-of-things (IoT) devices, & leading the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution

Selected Employer Hiring Partners

Intel Aunalytics, Inc. D2S Inc IBM Intel Corporation Intellectual Ventures Mentor Graphics Microsoft Nirveda Cognition Inc SSR Labs Inc Inc Stryker Texas Instruments The MITRE Corporation TORC Robotics U.S. Department of Defense Uber

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