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Applied Statistics MS

Program Overview

Statistics is the science of making decisions in the face of uncertainty.  Statistical thinking and methods are used over a broad spectrum of industrial, research, educational, business, and government activities.  The Kate Gleason College of Engineering at RIT, through the John D. Hromi Center for Quality and Applied Statistics, offers a Master of Science degree in applied statistics that provides state-of-the-art statistical thinking and methods. The college also offers an advanced certificate in statistical quality for students whose primary interest is in the field of quality, as well as an advanced certificate in statistical methods for product and process improvement for students who want a sound education in statistical methods but who wish to finish a program in a shorter time period than that for the MS degree.

Degrees Awarded

  • Master of Science degree; requires 45 credits.
  • Advanced certificate in statistical quality requires 18 credits.
  • Advanced certificate in statistical methods for product and process improvement; requires 18 credits.


  • Approximately 64 students are enrolled in the MS and advanced certificate programs, mostly on a part-time schedule.

Cooperative Education & Experiential Education Component

  • Co-op is an option after completing at least one quarter of coursework and obtaining departmental approval. Co-op students are able to work 3 or 6 month interval(s).

Salary Information

Co-op:     $27.00                     $21.00 - $35.00
MS:         ID

Student Skills & Capabilities

Design of Experiments
Multivariate Analysis
Regression Analysis
Survey Design and Sampling
Robust Design
Probability Modeling
Quality Management
Statistical Software Programs
Statistical Acceptance Control
Statistical Process Control

Equipment & Facilities

The center is home to the Mason E. Wescott Statistics Computer Laboratory. The center’s Richard A. Freund Resource Room and graduate student office contain books and journals from both the statistics and quality fields. The Wallace Memorial Library and the Media Resource Center provide access to a wealth of other references vital to professional studies.
The John D. Hromi Center for Quality and Applied Statistics has achieved international recognition for its quality and productivity seminars, custom training programs, consultative expertise, and Master’s and advanced certificate programs.

Training / Qualifications

Although more employment opportunities are becoming available to individuals with a bachelor’s degree in statistics, a master’s degree in statistics or mathematics is usually the minimum educational requirement for most statistician jobs. Research and academic positions in institutions of higher education, for example, require at least a master’s degree, and usually a Ph.D., in statistics. Beginning positions in industrial research often require a master’s degree combined with several years of experience. (Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics O.O.H.)

Job Titles

Quality Engineer, Reliability Analyst, Quality Manager, Statistical Consultant, Continuous Improvement Engineer, Data Science Consultant


Significant Points

  • Graduates are employed in many areas of statistics, including design and analysis of complex experiments, sophisticated modeling, and data mining.
  • They work for a wide range of organizations, including industrial, marketing, education, insurance, credit, government, and health care.

Selected Employer Hiring Partners

Excellus Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Center for Army Analysis, CIGNA Healthcare, GE, HealthNow, Intel Corporation, JP Morgan,Kraft Foods,  Liberty Mutual Insurance Co., LMI, Minitab Inc., National Grid, Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, Paychex, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Census Bureau, Xerox Corp.

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We appreciate your interest in RIT co-op, graduating students or alumni. We will make every effort to make your recruiting endeavor a success.  Feel free to contact Kris Stehler, the career services coordinators who work with the Applied Statistics MS program.  For your convenience, you can access information and services through our web site at
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