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Biochemistry BS

Program Overview

The biochemistry major focuses on the chemistry of living things to prepare you to address current challenges facing the chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, forensic, and biotechnological fields. 


Degrees Awarded

  • Bachelor of Science


  • Approximately 55 students are enrolled in this program

Cooperative Education & Experiential Education Component

  • Co-op is optional for this program
  • Minimum co-op requirement: 1 block, 12 weeks/semester
  • Co-op availability: Second Year summer through Fourth Year fall

Salary Information

Co-op:        $ID                       
BS:                ID

Student Skills & Capabilities

  • In a technician capacity, students are able to perform many general chemistry and analytical chemistry laboratory tasks, with minimal supervision, even after their first year of coursework.  They continue to enhance their lab skills in upper level courses to increase their ability to eventually contribute to research initiatives independently.
  • Based on their elective choices, senior students may have skills in microbial and genetic manipulations, separations and environmental applications.


The biochemistry program is approved by the American Chemical Society (ACS) and also follows the guidelines of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. 

Equipment & Facilities

New NMR Spectrometer
The school recently acquired a 500 MHz nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer, which is used to determine the structure and dynamics of molecules as well as images of plants and materials.
Chemical Analysis Laboratory
The school has a wide range of analytical instrumentation which can be used to perform quantitative and qualitative analysis of chemical or materials samples. Our well-trained faculty, staff, and students are experienced with a variety of analyses, including UV-Visible and IR Spectrophotometry. Students also gain experience with electrophoresis and chromatography in their biochemistry and biology courses.

NanoImaging Lab
The Nano Imaging Lab conducts research into the design, development, and application of imaging to material and biological systems on very small scales, in conjunction with the schools of chemistry and physics. The lab conducts research into the creation of nano-materials for biological imaging and imaging display technologies.

Job Titles

Scientist, Analytical Chemist, Graduate Researcher, Research Technician, Laboratory Technician, Quality Control Analyst

Significant Points

  • Biochemists focus on the chemistry of life. The biochemistry major provides knowledge in chemistry, biochemistry, and biology which will prepare you to consider real-world problems from a variety of perspectives.
  • You will be able to immediately contribute your skills in corporate, health care, or government positions.
  • You will also be ready to enter professional education in medicine or other health-related fields or attend graduate programs in a variety of chemical and life sciences related programs.
  • Biochemistry majors often have an interest in combining the life and health sciences with a chemistry degree.

Selected Employer Hiring Partners

Xerox, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

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