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Experimental Psychology MS

Program Overview

In the experimental psychology masters degree, students are trained to apply scientific methods to basic psychological processes in perception, brain and behavior relationships, thinking, memory, learning, social interactions, human development and related areas. It is a broad and flexible program that provides a solid stepping-stone into careers or further study in psychology. A choice of tracks – in experimental psychology or engineering psychology – allows students to specialize their degree toward their career goals and aspirations.

The MS program in experimental psychology builds on the strengths of faculty research and student interests in experimental psychology broadly defined. The program as a whole provides a foundation for further advanced academic study in human factors and/or experimental psychology.

Degrees Awarded

  • Master of Science


  • Approximately 9 students enrolled in this program

Cooperative Education & Experiential Education Component

  • Co-op is optional for this program
  • Minimum co-op requirement: N/A
  • Co-op availability: Fall through Summer

Salary Information

Co-op:   ID          
MS:        $29,000

Student Skills & Capabilities

Examines the capabilities and limitations to sense, perceive, store, and process information and how these human factors impact human interactions with technology. Students in the program take courses related to human-computer interaction, systems safety, statistics and research methods. These supplement core courses in Perception and Cognition covering core human capacities of interest in the design, implementation, and assessment of technology.

Training / Qualifications

To become a fully licensed, an experimental psychologist must eventually complete 3,000 supervised hours of practice. However, requirements may vary from state to state. Graduated doctoral students generally gain these hours through a combination of internships, research positions and entry level positions.

Job Titles

Experimental Psychologist, Analyst.

Selected Employer Hiring Partners

Lockheed Martin, Compeer, RIT, Kodak (Human Factors Lab), East Avenue Inn, Colorado State.

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