Winter Break is Almost Here – Maximizing free time

by Mudit Pasagadagula, Electrical Engineering MS student

Its hard to find a reason why the fall semester passes with a blink of an eye. It’s like it was just yesterday I had my first class of the semester. Well, time passes at its own pace and there are a lot of constant changes going on around us. The best part of these changes is the beautiful and timeless transition nature makes from the ever-breath-taking spring to the breath-freezing winter. I have always found this world to be the best example of adaptation to changes.

Fall is the season of preparations. Preparation not for facing the worst but for sustaining for the best that’s coming. You can see it everywhere! Just peek out of the window and see the trees who let us know the fall season has arrived. Leafless they are with every single inch of chlorophyll down turned to shades of yellow and brown. No leaves, no photosynthesis, no energy? Do these trees extract energy from the cold of the winter? Obliviously not! They’ve been preparing the whole fall like the squirrel who has started storing chestnuts, seeds and flowerbuds for the coming frozen days they cannot get out in search of food. Preparation plays a key part in self-development and leads us to something better than before and if not better, it leaves us with some useful lessons, always.

Vacations and breaks are one of the best part of any academic journey. They are as important as the requirement of sleep after a whole day of keeping up. It gives you some quality time with yourself. Time, you can invest on self or on the things and ones you love. It’s an historic fact that most of the people don’t realize the importance of time at the right time. Time is a limited resource which everyone should use sensibly. Planning and preparation helps us to use this powerful resource wisely. Many of us might find vacation or break time as time to take physical rest and be a little lazy and that is not a bad idea. But these non-academic intervals can be made as productive as the academic counterpart or may be even more with a little bit of planning.

People have been making great plans with the help of good music, a cup of coffee and the internet. There is a lot to learn apart from the course books. There are interesting sports to play, amazing musical instruments to learn, opportunities to explore the outdoor, wonderful people to meet and what not. Just take the charge of your time. Plan wisely!

It is legitimate to say that if you are older than fifteen you most likely would have heard about Albert Einstein’s famous work of his life, the Theory of Relativity. It is one of the most fundamental formulation & explanation of the behavior of the space we exist in and the passage of time that we experience. It comes among the most fundamental theories which attempts to explain the workings of universe we live in. Yet, it is one of the most difficult topic to comprehend and is generically intriguing and thought provoking. The Theory of Relativity, it is bizarre. And its consequences… they are far beyond that.

Let’s not talk physics and let’s talk life. You won’t be requiring an in-depth knowledge of Einstein’s relativity to prove that comfort zone is fairly a relative phenomenon, do you? Obliviously not! We all have our unique comfort zones and sharing this comfort zone with other people who have the same comfort zone puts us human beings into a category of social beings. We must embrace the fact that learning always starts with the very first step that we take outside our comfort zone. Do what you love, do it a little bit more.

Books your ticket in advance to your destination as the prices are pretty low if you do it at the right time. Make some adventurous plans with your friends. Visit you home, its always nice to share stories you’ve gathered in a new foreign land with the people you call family. Join an online course and learn a new programming language. Search for interesting jobs where you might be a good fit. Invest every single moment on yourself. Plan and prepare well!

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