Meet our Bloggers


Abhisek Dey, Computer Engineering MS

Life can make you feel fragile, vulnerable, and smitten. But it is also the whitest canvas you can find to paint your story in. I am Abhisek but you can call me AD. A total stranger once told me, “You miss a 100% of the shots you don’t take.” I have been trying to live by that philosophy ever since. I believe that there is still lots of good out there that we can look out for and spread among us.

Being a grad student is never easy. It comes up on you fast and before you know it, you begin running the same race as countless others – sleepless nights in the lab, trying to debug that one line of code for hours, and loading up on caffeine. What keeps me ticking is my desire to build something up from scratch that someone has never thought of before and see it work seamlessly. To take a break from this roller coaster ride, I like to go on solo drives in the New York countryside, play badminton, and help out at the admissions office. That’s all that I have time for. If you ever need to talk to me, you can find me by the corner of Kind Street and Happy Avenue!

Anthony Gutierrez, Mechanical Engineering ME 

Hi everyone! My name is Anthony, but I usually go by Tony and I’m currently studying a Masters in Mechanical Engineering with a focus in mechanical design and manufacturing. I am from Venezuela and like most Latinos, I like to cook and dance – A LOT! Curious info about me, I was a professional salsa dancer during my high school and I have a degree in culinary arts (Yeah, I know what you are thinking, and the answer is no, this is not my Tinder profile hahaha.)

Since I can remember, my mom told me to “never be afraid of big dreams” and that has always driven my life. Coming from a very low economic resources family didn’t stop me from going to one of the best schools in my state, being only 18 years old and never having left my country before didn’t stop me from accepting a scholarship in the Dominican Republic and living alone for 4 years, never having taking formal English classes in my life didn’t stop me from passing the TOEFL and entering RIT. So, my advice to you is NEVER BE AFRAID OF BIG DREAMS.

Rashmi Jeswani, Information Sciences and Technologies MS

Hey, I’m Rashmi, a first-year graduate student studying Information Sciences here at RIT.  I am 21 (which seems to amaze a lot of people as I am the youngest amongst everyone I know here, not really fun though!), from India and just starting out as the Graduate Liaison and am so excited to be part of such a great team!

I love taking risks, I changed streams from my under graduation, took some very hard decisions and here I am at RIT, doing what I’ve wanted to do for a long time and loving every minute of it. I am always up for exploring new stuff, I laugh (a lot), love driving, reading, long walks in the cold, cooking and a lot of other small things that make me happy.

Imran Mahmood, MBA 

Hello! My name is Imran and I am a first year MBA student concentrating in marketing. I am originally from Queens, New York. Prior to coming here, I received my bachelor’s degree in English from Binghamton University, where I focused on rhetoric. During my undergraduate years I spent a lot of my time reading and writing, so it’s definitely a lot different now that I’m studying business. My interests include video games, following basketball (let’s go Knicks!), and spending time with my wife and newborn son. Whenever I find some free time, I like to go over PhotoShop tutorials and improve my photo editing skills. Since I have moved to the Rochester area I have been spending most of my time outside and I love exploring different parks in the area, so if you ever need a park recommendation you know who to ask. I can’t wait to see what my time at RIT has to offer!

Mudit Pasagadagula,
Electrical Engineering MS

I was always told “if you do something, make sure you do it perfectly”. What I found out while experiencing life was something else. You don’t have to do things perfectly, they just fall in place by themselves. My beliefs incline with the beauty of imperfections. I believe that it is the art of consciously accepting our imperfections, a practice indeed, which effortlessly takes us to a path which is meant for us for. Such are my ways of living.

I’ve always loved studying science and that is what I do now at RIT. I am an international student and I come from India. Having an Electronics & Communication Engineering undergraduate background I am currently engaged in the Electrical Engineering MS program in the Kate Gleason College of Engineering studying electromagnetics. Apart of my interest in science and engineering, I’ve the same enthusiasm and love for pretty much everything other than from my academics. Within the constraints of time I try to learn the most I can. I don’t make music but I love listening to it. I play guitar quite nicely and I keep learning how to play other instruments too. I would have died if there were no good movies around me to watch. I love being with people, but I prefer to stay with Mother Nature more. I am much more spiritual than I am religious. Apart being in strong touch with the western philosophies which gave birth to the physical sciences I am equally rooted with spiritual practices that eastern philosophies have offered our small world with. I practice yoga and I love meditation. I love to spend time engaging myself in philosophical and scientific conversations. And… I am always happy to help!

I am Mudit, putting efforts for making this world a little better every day.

Krishna Tippur Gururaj, Computer Science MS

I am a current Computer Science grad student with a focus on Distributed Systems and Data Management, and I started at RIT in Fall 2016. I am from Bangalore, India. I like road trips and have been on a few back home. In my free time (which is not a lot), I like listening to music, watch soccer, or read. I have been working as a Graduate Student Liaison for the Graduate Enrollment Services office since the start of 2017 and I have loved every minute of my work here.

Gianna Sarkis, Communication and Media Technologies MS

Hello friends and future friends, my name is Gianna and I am a Rochester native. I’ve recently graduated from St. John Fisher College with my B.S. in Media Management. I am currently a first year graduate student at RIT and I will hopefully be receiving my M.S. in Communications and Media Technology in 2020. Social media is a passion of mine. You can find me live tweeting at events or creating my next content calendar. When I’m not studying, I am traveling around the world, boating on the lake, cooking my favorite dish or spending time with my puppy. I am excited to be apart of the Graduate Liaison team, as well as, being the Social Media Coordinator.

Coco (Kexin) Wang,
Visual Communications Design MFA

Hi my name is Coco, and I am originally from China! I am a first year MFA student here studying the VCD (visual communication design) program. I just graduated from Colorado College with a degree of Film and Media Studies in May. Now I dedicate most of my time in creating motion graphics, 3D modeling projects and other media and graphic designs in the computer lab. But I do enjoy drawing, traveling, and maybe also shopping outside of school. I am really glad to become part of the Graduate Liaison Team and I am looking forward to sharing my RIT experiences!