Meet our Bloggers

Maria Grazia Guerrero, Industrial Design MFA

My name is Maria Grazia Guerrero, I am from Guayaquil-Ecuador. My undergrad is in Graphic Design, I worked for several years for an Advertising Agency as an Art Director and now I am on my first year as a Graduate Student in the Industrial Design MFA program at RIT.

I come from warmer waters so my favorite hobbies are related to the beach, being outdoors, etc. But now I’m discovering new fun and interesting hobbies at Rochester such as watching hockey games, sliding and hopefully very soon skiing.

Coming to RIT has been a big change: moving from another country, quitting a stable job, leaving your friends and family to take this risk in order to be able to do what I really wanted to do. I am convinced that working hard brings big rewards, and no matter when you decide to take the risks the important part is to believe in yourself and follow your gut.

I am very excited about all the opportunities the University has to offer and I am working really hard to take the most of this experience.

Goral Kansara, Engineering Management ME

Hello… I am Goral Kansara. I am pursuing my Master of Engineering in Engineering Management at RIT. I did my bachelor’s in computer engineering (a big change there!) back in India. Prior to coming here to RIT I did a few internships (no jobs really!) and I am very excited for each part of the Graduate Liaison job. Apart from that, I like visiting new places, cooking (not a great cook, though I like experimenting,) and dancing.

Coming to RIT was quite unexpected as I did not receive an acceptance to RIT on my first application. I transferred here after a semester from Baltimore. I faced a lot of change there (indeed, all are positive!) in terms of the city, people and the university at the most. RIT is a great institution and I am looking forward to having my best time here.

Rashmi Jeswani, Information Sciences and Technologies MS

Hey, I’m Rashmi, a first-year graduate student studying Information Sciences here at RIT.  I am 21 (which seems to amaze a lot of people as I am the youngest amongst everyone I know here, not really fun though!), from India and just starting out as the Graduate Liaison and am so excited to be part of such a great team!

I love taking risks, I changed streams from my under graduation, took some very hard decisions and here I am at RIT, doing what I’ve wanted to do for a long time and loving every minute of it. I am always up for exploring new stuff, I laugh (a lot), love driving, reading, long walks in the cold, cooking and a lot of other small things that make me happy.

Imran Mahmood, MBA 

Hello! My name is Imran and I am a first year MBA student concentrating in marketing. I am originally from Queens, New York. Prior to coming here, I received my bachelor’s degree in English from Binghamton University, where I focused on rhetoric. During my undergraduate years I spent a lot of my time reading and writing, so it’s definitely a lot different now that I’m studying business. My interests include video games, following basketball (let’s go Knicks!), and spending time with my wife and newborn son. Whenever I find some free time, I like to go over PhotoShop tutorials and improve my photo editing skills. Since I have moved to the Rochester area I have been spending most of my time outside and I love exploring different parks in the area, so if you ever need a park recommendation you know who to ask. I can’t wait to see what my time at RIT has to offer!

Aravind Vicinthangal Prathivaathi, Computer Science MS

Hey, I am Aravind, a first-year graduate student Computer Science student at RIT, from India. I am 22 as of January 2019, and I completed my undergrad in summer 2018. I did my undergrad in Electrical Engineering and have now changed streams to pursue Masters in Computer Science.

I am loving RIT, the people and the place. You can see me hanging out at the 3rd floor of the library or in CrossRoads Café and the Market place. I also used to be a competitive chess player. I love soccer (for those of you from Europe and Asia, I know it’s called football, stop giving me the stick), all parts of it like watching, playing, discussing it. My favorite team is Arsenal. So to all my fellow Gooners out there – don’t hesitate to come and say hi. I also love reading and learning about new things. You can generally see me spewing out random facts and trivia. I am actually a foodie and I eat a lot but my superpower is, no matter how much I eat, I barely gain any weight. I am actually a really good cook but a lazy one. Also, I am kind of a control-freak when it comes to cooking, I don’t like to cook alongside anyone, I just want them to sit down and eat my food. I am excited to be a part of the Graduate Liaison team and looking forward to seeing how my future unfolds.

Coco (Kexin) Wang,
Visual Communications Design MFA

Hi my name is Coco, and I am originally from China! I am a first year MFA student here studying the VCD (visual communication design) program. I just graduated from Colorado College with a degree of Film and Media Studies in May. Now I dedicate most of my time in creating motion graphics, 3D modeling projects and other media and graphic designs in the computer lab. But I do enjoy drawing, traveling, and maybe also shopping outside of school. I am really glad to become part of the Graduate Liaison Team and I am looking forward to sharing my RIT experiences!

Yingshan Wu, Visual Communication Design MFA 

My name is Yingshan Wu. I am a graduate student in the College of Art and Design at RIT, major is visual communication design, the interaction design option. Working with Graduate Liaison Team here has an outstanding, warm and moving experience!

Before I came to RIT, all my design works were interdepartmental and combined with the scientific and technological equipment, e-commerce, hospitality management, real estate, cinema and extensive amusement park management industry in China.