Meet our Bloggers

Saurabh Apte, Computer Science MS 

Hello! My name is Saurabh Apte. I am pursuing Master of Science in Computer Science. I did my undergrad from University of Mumbai.  I am originally from Mumbai, India. In my free time, I like reading, hiking, exploring new places, listening to music.   I was interested in computers and programming from a very young age and decided to pursue a career in the field that interests me the most. My experience at RIT has been great so far!

I am thrilled to be a part of gradate liaison team and I am loving every part of it! Looking forward to sharing my experience at RIT with you!

Abhay Rajendra Dixit, Computer Science MS 

Hello! I’m Abhay Dixit. I’m a Computer Science graduate student. I did my Bachelor’s in CS from Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Bengaluru, India. Apart from coding, I’m passionate about trekking, traveling, music, and sketching. I have trekked at various mountains in the Himalayan range and a couple of places in California. In my free time, I watch debates, play cricket, and draw portraits.

My experience so far at RIT has been phenomenal. I’ve had brilliant professors to learn from and the opportunity to make amazing friends from all over the world. I’m delighted to be a part of the Graduate Liaison Team to help prospective students.

Ruta Mangle, Telecommunications Engineering Technology MS 

Hello, I am Ruta Mangle. I am pursuing my Masters in Telecommunications Engineering Technology at RIT. I am originally from Mumbai, India and back in India I have earned my Bachelors in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering. I am happy to be a new addition to the Graduate Liaison Team and I am loving the work as it seems to be quite interesting and different from what I have previously done.

Moving to United States and studying at RIT has taught me many life lessons and has only made me better person, making it to be a great experience so far. I love listening to audiobooks, hiking (a newbie though), listening to music and travelling to new cities/countries.

Looking forward to having a wonderful experience at the graduate office!

Shriya Sadana,
Electrical Engineering MS

Hey, I am Shriya Sadana, pursuing my Master of Science in Electrical Engineering at RIT. I developed an enthusiasm for this field at a very early age, and it reached such a level that I decided to pursue a career in that field. Now, I am here at RIT, exploring the greater links that this field has to offer. I have just started my job as a Graduate Liaison, and I am enjoying every single bit of it.

Starting my journey from India and coming to RIT it has been a challenging but beautiful journey. It played a great role in making me the person I am today. I have a love for reading, travelling to new places, cooking and listening to music. I am elated to be a part of the Graduate Liaison Team and providing my bit in establishing  a connection between RIT and anyone who aspires to be here.

Adya Shrivastava, Computer Science MS 

Hi! My name is Adya Shrivastava. I am currently pursuing Master’s in Computer Science at RIT. I am from Delhi, India, and completed my Bachelor’s in Computer Science from GGSIPU, Delhi. My interests lie in Data Science and I wish to pursue my career in the same field. Reading books, Netflixing, exploring new places and shopping are among my favorite hobbies. I’ve always been a Potterhead and like watching sitcoms like Friends and The Office. So hit me up if you wish to talk about these things 😛
I’m excited to be a part of The Graduate LIaison team and do my best in providing prospective students with all the help they need!

Coco (Kexin) Wang,
Visual Communications Design MFA

Hi my name is Coco, and I am originally from China! I am a first year MFA student here studying the VCD (visual communication design) program. I just graduated from Colorado College with a degree of Film and Media Studies in May. Now I dedicate most of my time in creating motion graphics, 3D modeling projects and other media and graphic designs in the computer lab. But I do enjoy drawing, traveling, and maybe also shopping outside of school. I am really glad to become part of the Graduate Liaison Team and I am looking forward to sharing my RIT experiences!